Pajama Farmers Anonymous

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I farm in my pajamas. I wear pajamas while doing my morning chores of feeding animals, filling up water, and milking goaties. I’m talkin’ real pajamas here– tank top and sweatshirt with those undeniably comfy pajama bottoms that are usually made for men in some sort of plaid pattern. Yep. Real pajamas.

If I get milk all over me, or if I get poop all over me, it doesn’t matter because I’m planning to change anyway. Not only that, but I am not a morning person. Comfy pajamas help me to stay sane even while climbing out of bed to tend to the incessant cries of the creatures outside.

I find milking a warm goat on a chilly, quiet morning just as peaceful and comforting as the next girl, but it doesn’t help me get out of bed at 6:30/7:00 AM. Trevor would call me grumpy, but then again, he is absolutely a “morning person” and can’t stand to wake up any later than 5:00 AM. I much rather roll out of bed just shy of noon, but the animals don’t allow late wake-ups on this farm.

Who else is not a morning person around here?

26 thoughts on “Pajama Farmers Anonymous

  1. I’m with ya, Sarah – my animals are trained to expect nothing before BRUNCH. I have to wake up, get coffee on board, and assess the world situation on Facebook for awhile. Once my brain is chugging, I can face moving outdoors. Don’t get me wrong… I love my animals and I love my chores, but moving from indoors to outdoors takes time… haven’t tried chores in my jammies yet, though. I may have to give that a go.

  2. Oh I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! Luckily my kids get up and do the milking and feeding of all our critters. I do however stay up half the night doing things I can’t do during the day while processing milk, making cheese to sell (and eat), homeschooling 5 kids, cleaning eggs to sell (and eat), cooking and a bit of cleanup. Late in the evening and early am I do laundry, email, surveys, and research to make out farm better. So glad to hear I am not alone…

    • No, they don’t, but I have my three bucklings separated from Freyja overnight (so that they can’t nurse and I get a decent amount of milk). I also lock all the animals up at night inside their houses/coops. I feel bad if I make them stay in too late in the morning and so I try my very best to unlock/open up all the animals by 7:30ish.

  3. Now that I’m older, I can’t sleep later than 5-6. I have a tattered pair of sweatpants that I do morning chores in plus shirt and sweater. Real clothes are down the line around 9. Once the critters have their morning feed, I can drink coffee and read blogs like this one.

  4. Sarah, I too am not a morning person. Much of my farmning happens in the evening after getting home from my day job. I was just telling my husband that I need farm clothes that are separate from my “around the house” clothes. No one likes to lounge after work with chicken poo smeared on their sweatpants! LOL.

  5. I’ll often do my chores in pajamas, too, at least if it is above 45 degrees outside. Otherwise its sweats. I’m not what would be called a morning person, either. I like mornings, but I wish they happened a little later in the day. LOL

  6. I’m a morning person but I like to stay in my pjs till noon anyway ;). It’s gotten to the point where i have my “farm” pajamas & “bed” pajamas…

  7. They have the best pj(Men’s) online at Kohl’s. Lots of cute patterns… I bought about 7pair around Christmas for $6.99. Some are even heavy fabric but soft. So yea I stay in my PJ’s too.

  8. Oy..getting up before noon..not for me!!
    Everything has to happen nice and quiet when I just woke up.
    Or else… 🙂

  9. I might be a morning person, but it doesn’t stop me from doing chores in my pajamas all the same. I figure it makes sense to get clothes I am going to change out of dirty rather than change into perfectly clean clothes to get them dirty instead.

  10. AHHHH….it is so nice to know there are other non-morning people out there! I struggled getting up for school and jobs. I like to go to bed around 3 or 4 a.m. and get up around noon. I don’t sleep the entire time (wish I could). Everyone always asks me what I do when I’m awake during those hours and I tell them the same things you do when you’re awake!!
    Luckily, hubby gets up early to let the chickens out to free range. BTW, we have one turkey. We thought it was a Tom, but one evening, when she didn’t go into the coop, I looked around and found her nesting in a hidden spot on top of her egg! So we now have turkey eggs occasionally. I think she thinks she’s a chicken! LOL!!

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