Ninety-nine percent of the time I get what I want purely out of persistance. Turkeys are obviously no exception.


Say hello to our turkey sandwiches!

Saturday morning Trevor was looking for something to do instead of laying around the house all day. I cleverly suggested looking around town for some turkeys as a fun “Saturday family activity”. He agreed and I called around to see if any feed stores had turkeys available. I asked the store about twenty minutes away to hold the last turkeys they had for me.

Trevor was a little disgruntled that I was actually able to find a feed store with turkeys, but I didn’t let his grumbling all the way there deter me from my mission.

Six (1.5 week old) turkey poults, a bag of feed, and a little tiger toy were loaded into the car and made their way back to Mountain Ranch with us. I scrubbed down and set up the old doghouse/chicken coop/quail house as the new turkey brooder and got everyone settled in. Now I just have to get my hoop house put together in the next couple weeks. My plan is to use a basic hoop house for raising turkeys in the summer and to use as a greenhouse in the winter. By Thanksgiving, I just hope to have one turkey for family dinner, one turkey for myself, and four to sell or barter with. That’s the dream.

Out of our six turkeys, five are Bronze and one is a Royal Palm. The average weight of a young Bronze is 25 lbs. for a tom and 15 lbs. for a hen. The average weight for a Palm is only 16 lbs. for a tom and 10 lbs. for a hen. So obviously I am really gunning for that Palm to be a tom. I am even a little temped to weigh them each week to see how they are growing, but in order to do that, I will need to buy a new battery for my scale… or get a hanging scale that doesn’t require batteries.

6 thoughts on “Turkeylicious

  1. I’m so jealous of your turkey ways! This is one of my goals as well. Will you process the turkeys yourself, or do you use outside help? This is one of the things I haven’t had to face yet, and I’m a bit uneasy about it.

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