Hey, Jack!


I enjoy informing people that the jackrabbits here in California (and most of the U.S.) are not really rabbits, they are hares. In fact, there are no wild rabbits native to the United States… only wild hares. I like to tell people this because, one: it makes me sound like a smarty pants, and two: I find it quite humorous to irritate Trevor with this fact ten times a day. I corrected him so often, that he won’t so much as utter the word “jackrabbit” anymore. Now he knows better so I’ll have to find some new people to irritate.

Hello internet!

Our new place has hares galore. You can just look out back and you are bound to spot at least one. They are huge too! Trevor had spotted something large and grey running down the drive one day and thought it might be a coyote. So we both pressed our faces to the window and watched for a minute only to realize that it was just a monstrous hare playing tricks on our eyes.

Now let’s just hope that none of these wolf-sized hares get past the garden fencing…



8 thoughts on “Hey, Jack!

  1. Hi there Sarah – I live in Melbourne Australia and when we go camping to the outback my husband shoots these hares and they make an excellent meal. I cook it like a bourguignonne and add star anise – delicious.

    Have you cooked it before and how have you cooked it??

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