What Goats Do

After all of my farm chores, kid chores, and lunch-fixin’s are over and done with, I like to sit outside with a book. For the last few days I have been tethering Freyja to a tree for a couple hours so she can eat all the weeds in the front yard down to a more manageable level. She is like my very own low-noise, lawn fertilizing, solar and rye powered lawn mower.

I like to stay outside anyway to keep an eye out for coyotes and dogs while she’s outside the electric fence. A few days ago we spotted a big coyote trotting across the property about two-hundred yards away from the goat pen; which just reinforced the reason for my rule to never have the goats out unsupervised.

This is what Freyja spends her afternoons doing…





8 thoughts on “What Goats Do

  1. I let my Nigerian wethers out loose in my yard. They don’t venture very far and when they want their grain the come to the deck door and try to open it. We have Coyotes the size of German Shepherds but I can’t imagine them coming in to the yard during the day.

  2. Besides the milk, I plan on using my goats (when I get a couple) for wool and property clearing. But then again my property is fenced and I have two German Shepherds to keep guard too.

  3. Do you already have herd guardian dogs to protect your livestock from predators? I would get a Karakachan, but they’re hard to find. Maybe you can get a guard llama or a donkey. I read or heard somewhere that donkeys are good at guarding. Don’t know if that’s true, but any excuse for me to get a donkey sounds great. I really want to live out in the country so I can have a donkey and raise Cormo sheep. If you get Cormo I would like fleece. If you get a donkey I’d be jealous 😀

    • Awhile back, we bought a German Shepherd, but he is more for home protection than livestock guardian. Hänsel really hates our chickens, is hesitant of the goats, and loves the rabbits… but then again, he is only 9 months old and still has that dumb puppy brain. We were looking into English Shepherds, the “original farm dog”, but it is really hard to find anything other than pit bulls and labs around here.

      A donkey is on our list though!!! First we need to build a pen, a shelter, and then save up to buy a jenny, but IT IS HAPPENING. 🙂 My plan is to use a standard or large standard-sized jenny as a livestock guardian and cart donkey. Yeah baby!
      – Sarah Cuthill of Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm

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