NSA, Don’t Read My Search History

You’ll have to decide for yourself if and how much the NSA is spying on our internet activity, but I for one, hope that they don’t look too far into my search history.

Building a micro farm and learning how to do things as you go means that your browser is subjected to all kinds of weird and creepy searches. A few of my recent inquiries may make the NSA guys a bit squeamish:

how to castrate livestock
castration tools for goats
different methods of livestock castration
“emasculator” tool
emasculator band sizes
butchering turkeys vs chickens
raw feeding dogs
brain tanning
uses for offal

I’m pretty sure I’m on a “list” of some sort with all the searches I’ve done for castrating tools and know-how. Little does the government know, I have three goat bucklings that needed a “spa day”.

Everything in that area went just fine though. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I ended up getting some help in using my new Emasculator tool for banding the little goaties. Tools like that should definitely come with picture instructions… or any instructions for that matter. I did appreciate, however, the obviously good sense of humor the producers of the Emasculator have. Come on– that’s a great name. Trevor didn’t care for it, but then again, he is a man and I was wielding a very threatening tool. After that third goat, I was on such a roll I felt like banding everything!

All men should beware that I still have plenty of bands left for my new Emasculator and should be sure that I have my tools stowed before visiting the farm. 😉 Just… kidding…

3 thoughts on “NSA, Don’t Read My Search History

  1. Mine is more incriminating…assassination techniques, poisons that don’t leave traces, weapons, assault rifles and ranges, how to build bombs, plutonium, international terrorists, etc.
    It’s all information I use in writing my novels. As well as the things you mentioned.

  2. I always figured if they were spying on me they’d figure I was either a mystery writer or a serial killer. And that was before homesteading and learning about butchering.

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