Hügelkultur Progress

Stuff is actually growing! I see lots of cucumbers, beans, lettuces, kale, cabbage, chard, and peppers popping up through the straw. We are only watering the hügelkultur bed every fourth day to conserve water. So far, all of the veggies look quite happy.

Only the Germans can make something that looks like a creepy grave mound with a nearly unpronounceable name into a productive gardening method.


Pajama Farmers Anonymous

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I farm in my pajamas. I wear pajamas while doing my morning chores of feeding animals, filling up water, and milking goaties. I’m talkin’ real pajamas here– tank top and sweatshirt with those undeniably comfy pajama bottoms that are usually made for men in some sort of plaid pattern. Yep. Real pajamas.

If I get milk all over me, or if I get poop all over me, it doesn’t matter because I’m planning to change anyway. Not only that, but I am not a morning person. Comfy pajamas help me to stay sane even while climbing out of bed to tend to the incessant cries of the creatures outside.

I find milking a warm goat on a chilly, quiet morning just as peaceful and comforting as the next girl, but it doesn’t help me get out of bed at 6:30/7:00 AM. Trevor would call me grumpy, but then again, he is absolutely a “morning person” and can’t stand to wake up any later than 5:00 AM. I much rather roll out of bed just shy of noon, but the animals don’t allow late wake-ups on this farm.

Who else is not a morning person around here?


Thanks for the better ideas Kaisha! I revamped my milk production printable to include AM and PM columns for each day, a subtotal space for each, and a method of measurement to circle just to keep things clear. As always, I appreciate your feedback. I like it better this way too.

Milk Production printable
Keep track of your milk production with this printable.

Shipping and Receiving Department

Amy (new reader) sent me this postcard, admittedly, awhile back so today I am catching up on my old school correspondence. She will be the first recipient of one of my new Nordic-style postcards. I am gearing up to open my farm shop next week, here on the blog, and I’m printing out dozens of these puppies with different designs. Of course, goats were a big priority, but there will be a whole slew of farmy animals.


New Printables

This weekend I made a couple new Printables to make my life, and yours, a little more organized. If you have any ideas for new Printables, let me know and I’ll hop right on it. 🙂

Egg Production printable
Keep track of your egg production with this printable.

Milk Production printable
Keep track of your milk production with this printable.