Take Two

I realize that I just recently published a photo very similar to this one, but I just had to show you our newest egg color. See that pretty pale blue egg in the top left corner? We now have blue eggs courtesy of our new Ameracauna hen.


They are such a novel hue that part of me wants to keep them forever instead of eating them. Perhaps I will blow some of my new blue eggs out and make some god awful craft with them. Or I could just set a bunch of blown Ameracauna blue and Chocolate Maran colored eggs in a bowl and have them to gawk at all day long. You know… in my free time.

7 thoughts on “Take Two

  1. I think that having them as a tchotchke to decorate is a beautiful idea. If you do can to create a post about how to do it? I have made an attempt in the past but ended up with a much larger hole than I’d have liked to get the yolk out.

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