Spring Plans and Plants in the Works

I have been so antsy to get in the dirt around here. My need to whip out a shovel and seed packets has only been subdued by the fact that I started some seeds in egg cartons along the kitchen window. I tried to only start seeds that need some extra growing time before the last frost and that don’t mind being transplanted, but–let’s face it–seeing lettuce sprout quickly and in abundance will make anyone smile.


We are working on getting everything set up for building hügelkultur beds this weekend. There is such a nice large space to work in that I am actually ashamed to say that we won’t be able to get it all fenced in and planted this year. Trevor and I have agreed to get the space needed for five hügelkultur beds this year and then build and plant as we go: two beds for spring, at least two more for summer, and one more for fall. Then during the winter, we can fence another section in, slowly making our garden take over the entire triangular area created by our driveway.




This weekend we are hosting a Help-us-put-in-this-insane-garden-that-I-will-have-to-explain-100-times Party cleverly disguised as a house warming party. Hopefully at least one person dumb enough to bring a shovel shows up and we can get these hügelkultur beds ready for planting. Otherwise, I fear, it will be a weekend of family and friends visiting over snacks and jokes. What a dreadfully good time that would be.

Other than our crazy, experimental permaculture hügelkultur garden (I dare you to say that five times fast), I have plans to raise out a few turkeys for the Thanksgiving table. If you’ve read the Our Story page, you would know that Trevor is not too keen on having turkeys and has stopped me on more than one occasion from bringing a few home. Well, he doesn’t have much of an excuse now because I have some scrap fencing, food, forage, and a butt-load of space.

I’ve read that it is best to order twice as many turkey poults as you need because they tend to be over sensitive while very young and can die at the drop of a hat. My thought is to start with a heritage breed (something with pretty feathers) and then brood them in the safety of the garage before rotating them on pasture with supplements.

My goal is to raise them on all-natural feed and as much pasture forage and fodder as I can. Sprouted barley fodder only gets to be about 16-17% protein and since turkeys need 22%+ protein, I will need to add in some supplements. I have until mid-May to figure it all out and with a severe lack of decent internet, I find myself reading a lot anyway.

4 thoughts on “Spring Plans and Plants in the Works

  1. That sounds like me husband. We raised 3 last year. He gave in and loved raising them. Put pebbles in their water so they don’t drown themselves.

  2. Garden plans! I’m very excited to see you build your new garden and watch it grow! I think it’ll motivate me to do my own for the first time.

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