Bonifide Farm

Dude. We have a rooster.

I made a great little trade with someone (Hi other Sarah!) with one of my rabbits for three new chickens and some pumpkin plants. On my end of the deal, I got one Ameracauna pullet that is not quite of blue egg laying age, one Chocolate Maran that lays beautiful chocolate-colored eggs, and one gloriously flashy Ameracauna rooster. He is actually quite tame and doesn’t crow nearly as much as I thought a rooster would.

Now it feels like a real farm around here with the goats in the front yard and a rooster strutting his stuff along the driveway. I just hope our friendly neighbors don’t hate us now. I try not to let Mr. Rooster wake anyone until 7am. I think Mountain Ranch will be full of early risers from here on out.






4 thoughts on “Bonifide Farm

  1. That is awesome! We are excited to hear all the updates. Your rooster is gorgeous! We have yet to try one, but with our small plot I don’t think a rooster is in our future… But I never say never. 😉
    A lil’ off topic… Would love to hear more about the goats, primarily the fencing. We are considering a set up similar to yours, however we are going to attempt to run it up hill- where (we think) rolls of field fencing would be impossible. Electric seems a better option. Any chance of a more detailed explaination of the electric fence set up or the name brand of your system? Do the goats respect the fence? Just wondering.
    So glad to get your emails!

  2. You guys didn’t waste any time getting goats, more chickens, rooster, etc! That rooster is interesting b/c I’ve never seen a completely white roo before.

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