Kraut Results

Even though I accidentally used about four times more salt than the recipe directed, it still turned out well. The key was draining most of the liquid off before I taste tested it. That’s my theory anyway.

I packed it tightly into quart mason jars so that the remaining liquid covered the kraut and threw it in the refrigerator. As with most my “experiments”, Trevor was hesitant to eat it. With the way he acts, you would think that I was a frequent brewer of botulism or something. It took some coaxing, begging, and cooking of hotdogs, but eventually he did try it.

My sauerkraut got two thumbs up and requests for second and third helpings. Phew! Not too shabby for a first attempt at kraut. And bonus!– it turned this beautiful and vivid magenta color thanks to the red cabbage I threw in.



10 thoughts on “Kraut Results

  1. That happened with my first batch of kraut too but when I took it to let my grandmother try it, she’s the master Krauter in my family Lol, she just said to rinse it before using it. Its better to have too much salt then not enough and she was very impressed for my first batch so no worries. You can also freeze it until your ready to use it too. Looks very pretty! Congrats for your first batch of kraut! Lol

  2. If you are not used to eating/drinking foods that are loaded with probiotics it can have disastrous results for your GI tract. Start slowly with those foods. I suspect I may be a little late with my warning! :>)

    • You could cook it but anything over 118* F will basically kill all the probiotic effects of the sauerkraut. Very, very delicious when it is eaten raw. Start with maybe just 1/8 of a cup and increase that daily if you are not used to liquid or solid food probiotics. About 1/2 cup will give you more natural, live probiotics than a whole bottle of over-the-counter probiotics, and it is much cheaper (and better for you).

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