Enter Chevy’s Newest Truck

No, not really. But when you are a one vehicle family and just happened to have already had a little sedan before all this farming stuff started, you make it work.


Needless to say, it worked pretty well. It helped that the local grocery is also a hardware and feed store. We only had to drive our very full “truck” six country miles to get home and encountered just two other vehicles. We were nice and pulled over so they could pass us…. I wouldn’t want to drive behind crazy people like us either.

Friday afternoon, we decided that we needed some plywood to finish up the sides of our new goat shed and some general goat supplies. We tried our very hardest to build a complete shed using all of our recycled materials, but it ended up looking like one of those shacks in the middle of a field that you pass by on the way to nowhere. You know… the ones that are so dilapidated that you could push it over with your pinkie finger. Being the new kids to the neighborhood, we want to make a fairly decent impression and 100% recycled wasn’t looking too pretty. So on the plywood went!

Our “truck” carried 3 people, 50 lbs. of feed, 1 gigantic goat mineral block, 2 sheets of plywood, 1 bale of straw, and 1 box of screws all the way home.

7 thoughts on “Enter Chevy’s Newest Truck

  1. True dat, “you make it work”! Story of my life. Can’t wait to see how the goat shed turns out. Wish I could have goats, even sheep would be nice. I love goat milk soap. If you ever plan on having some on your etsy, I’m on it!

    B. Anna

  2. Oh, glad to hear your Sedan/Truck dos a good job 😊. Love your blog, and the Goat pictures where great, oh I’m so jealous. Also loved the part about how you grow Barley. I’m seriously thinking about trying that. Keep the pictures coming. Thank you for your blog.

  3. hahaha! so like me! I have done that many times I fit a whole 250 lb. roll of field fence in the trunk of the ford focus! lol i miss the days when i had the 78 mercury couger I moved an entire cal king bed on the hood of that car!

  4. Today I took 3 goats to the vet in the back of my hatchback. Two of them fit in a dog carrier and one was walking around. Obviously, I have dwarf Nigerian goats but it was still a challenge!

    At my vet dogs and cats go to the front door and “large” animals go to the back. So I went in the front and notified them I would be at the back door. And this woman stopped me to ask “did you say you have goats in your car??!!” I said, “yep!” and she followed me around the back to play with them.

    My husband says I’m an idiot but it’s costs $75 for the vet to come to me. They only charge me the cost of the shots if I go to them! So every spring, the goats and I go for a little drive and have ourselves and adventure.

  5. We have a Mitsu Delica but with 3 little people to fit in the back… Still, we’ve hauled our Doeling in the dog box, straw and hay, bags of feed, firewood and recently rolls and rolls of insulation and 10x 20L food oil cans. It’s fun seeing just how much can be shoved into a car. 🙂

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