The Vote Is In!

The vote is in on names for our new dairy goats! We would like to send out a hearty thank you to everyone who cast their vote. I hope you had fun. I know that I am very pleased (and a little surprised) with the names you picked out. I am going to put up a little plaque over the gateway with their new names on it in runes. It’s going to be cute.

Say hello to….




2 thoughts on “The Vote Is In!

  1. Sarah, Your goats are real beauties! The momma looks rather large – good breeding stock. Your goat shed looks great. Could you use the milk paint on it. Sorry I missed their arrival but will be over soon.

    Do you still have the green French table cloth we lunched on? Need it back. Hope you can use the very bright flowed shower curtain I left at Betsy’s. If not, bring it back too. Just an idea. I am in Pleasanton for a few days of social whirl, be back by Saturday.

    Say hello to all animals and humankind,

    Love, Grammy


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