Our mama goat and her three bucklings have arrived! All four goats were delivered Friday morning.

Everyone looks great and it seems like each goat has discovered the electric fence. A very important lesson if I am to try to keep them in their pen. It’s a dangerous world for a goat out here; coyotes, mountain lions, foxes, skunks, raccoons, bobcats, and everything in between. But I slept pretty well last night knowing that the fence was on and operational and also that the goats were locked up snug inside their little shed. Multiple layers of defense are always a good idea. Plus, Hänsel always alerts us to foreign animals (and people) in the yard.



While we were putting the finishing touches on the goat shed, Cami climbed in and took a mock-nap. She deemed the straw the perfect thickness and warmth for baby goats to sleep in. For a second I thought we would have to build a second straw-filled shed for a preschooler playhouse.


Being that the goats were delivered just yesterday, I haven’t tried to milk Mama Goat yet. I am going to give her a couple days to get used to us and to trust me enough to grab ahold of her and walk her to the milking stand. Oh, and I still need to build a milking stand. Nothing fancy at first, but something for her to stand on where I can hook her to something to keep her from walking off.



Mama Goat is two-years old and this was her first time kindling (giving birth). She has been on a milking stand before, but obviously has never been milked.
Pregnant-> babies-> milk.
No babies-> no milk.
That’s just how it works.

Anticipate millions of goat pictures from here on out.





9 thoughts on “Goaties!

  1. Wow, now you have a handful of goats!! Good luck training her to milk. They are beautiful. They are different from the short, pudgy ones Traci has.

  2. Love the big white ears 🙂 and shiny coat!
    I didn’t think the boys would need castrating, because they’ll go on wintervacation eventually..
    Or do they get annoying because of the hormones real soon??

  3. What cuties! So excited for you to finally have your dairy goats!

    I had to laugh about Cami turning the goat shed into a playhouse! My little girls have been doing the same thing with the chicken coop we’ve been building! One day we may just have to build them one;)

    Love your blog, by the way. I’ve been following for a while and get such inspiration from you guys! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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