Fences Galore

Well, two fences. But to be fair, they both fence in quite a bit of space and were definitely a rough undertaking. During the last week of March, Trevor’s parents came down from Oregon to visit, celebrate Trevor’s birthday, and also to see our new house.

For the few days they were here, the guys put together a tall fence for the side yard to keep Hänsel contained and also for a safe place for Cami to play without access to the seasonal creek. They also rigged up the a 6-strand electric fence with solar charger for the goat yard. The goat fence was a two man, two-day job for certain. Even with a T-post pounder, the guys had some hard work getting the posts in the ground. Our soil seems to be mostly clay with shallow bedrock underneath.


We originally wanted to put the goat pen behind the existing shed that stands next to the house. However, after two T-posts, we realized just how shallow the bedrock is. In some areas of the acre behind the house the bedrock shows on the surface and in other parts it is only 1-3 inches deep, but no matter what we tried no fancy tools were going to push a T-post through solid rock.


Luckily, we found a suitable spot for the goat yard before Trevor’s parents arrived, so time was better spent on getting everything assembled. We definitely could not have done all this fencing so quickly with out them!


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