Full Circle

Since starting down this strange path of self reliance, I have come across some interesting tidbits, stories, and relics of my family’s past. My mother has told me tales of how my grandmother syphoned water from the bathtub to water the garden when my mother was growing up and I have even uncovered storied yet untold.

Like this jewel:


I can only assume this set from my great-great-grandmother is a crock of some sort. Sauerkraut? I don’t know. As I’m sure you could guess, I never knew my great-great-grandmother, otherwise I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her what kinds of goods were kept in these crocks.

What I do know, is that they were handmade on a potter’s wheel and perhaps even hand stamped with a woodblock. Unfortunately they bear no makers mark or signature so their history is somewhat lost except for who owned them.

A month or so ago I was going through all the crap precious inventory I was storing under my parents house before the big move and spotted the crocks in a corner. I had been tasting all the delicious sauerkrauts a local wonder woman, Cindy at Mountain People Organics, had been making and thought I could give krauts a try.

My mother is letting me borrow these little crocks for awhile to give them a use in the kitchen once again. I find myself wondering if they have ever made sauerkraut before… hopefully the cranes on the exterior lend some exotic flavor to my first ever batch!


I think I will wait and give it a taste before I share any recipe. Although, from what I have gathered, there isn’t too much to it. I made mine with the last red cabbage from our Sonora garden, green cabbage, a little carrot, a little cilantro, and enough salt to bring out the water held within the cabbage. Maybe 4 tablespoons? I actually worry that I may have been a bit heavy handed with the salt. But I did crush, smoosh, smash, and let the cabbage rest before continuing. Only time will tell.

9 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. I think that for the amount of vegetables you have, 4 tablespoons was quite a bit more than you needed. It really doesn’t take much salt to sucessfully culture vegetables. Depending on the size of your cabbages, you probably could have used even less than a tablespoon. But experience will guide you in the future. Culturing vegetables is fun and delicious. Go for it.

  2. What a great find! It must be so incredible to find something that has been in your family for generations and it is now in your hands. I’m a bit on the sentimental side but I’ve always found it amazing to have items such as these and to think about the people who owned them and what life must have been like during those times.

    Hope your saurkraut turns out great!

  3. You & I are so much alike! My Mom says she can’t believe how I have gone back to ‘her’ roots…LOL. You will figure out the salt thing, it depends on how much you want in the end and you can wash some off too…

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