Name Them Goats!

I am feeling inspired by my favorite stories from Norse Mythology lately. Inspired enough to name our new goats after some of the lesser known Nordic deities and characters.


Mama Goat had three beautiful kids on Tuesday, but…. they were all bucklings. So now we have a whole new plan. We will bring Mama Goat and her three bucklings home. When the kids are weaned, we will trade one of our bucklings for the doeling that Mama Goat’s friend had from the same farm. Eventually we will have the two doe goats that we initially wanted, it will just take a little longer to get the other half of the equation.

Mama Goat is currently named “Abigail”, but will we need to change her name because we have someone in the family by the same name and that would be kind if weird. Little Doeling has no name, but needs one, while the three bucklings will remain nameless since they have a different future in the long run.

So if you’re still with me through all that goat confusion and trading– we will have 1 doe in milk, 1 doeling, and 2 bucklings destined for the freezer.

Let’s choose names for our two new dairy goats!
Vote for as many names as you like for each goat. Each goat has her own voting box so be sure to choose your favorite names for that individual goat. I have also included the origin of all the names listed below. Voting will end on April 8th. Have fun!



Edda (grandmother of a race of people)
Freyja (fertility goddess; wife of Njord)
Frigg (mother goddess; wife of Odin)
Heidrun –we may call her “Heidi” for short– (goat that supplies unending mead for the dead heros in Valhalla)
Muninn (one of Odin’s ravens)
Skuld (Norn of Future; one of the three Norns or Fates)
Sif (wife of Thor)
Urd (Norn of the Past; one of the three Norns or Fates)

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