Eggs, Poop, and Porches

From a backyard farm on a 1/4 acre to a homestead on more, we’re trying it all: gardening, livestock, milk, honey, eggs, wool, and life from scratch.

How fascinating it is to think that just over three years ago we didn’t so much as own a chicken. Now look at us, we are full-fledged homesteading wannabes.


Trevor and I were talking about this coming month while preparing dinner and I thought about how odd our conversation may have sounded to an outsider. There I was, slicing into a loaf of bread I made two days ago, battering it in eggs I collected from the coop a moment earlier, and we were discussing how much milk our incoming dairy goat should produce. It was a quaint little scene, certainly.

Four years ago I would have thought it crazy to be discussing the milk production of any animal, not to mention a goat. And our daily banter with the (recently) free range hens is nothing short of amusing until you consider the chicken poop left on the porch. Thinking of which, the last few days we have been finding eggs being laid on the front porch right by the door. Convenient, but strange. It would be even better if they laid their eggs right in the carton in the fridge! Where else would you see such a weird thing and not have a second thought about it? No where but a farm, I tell ya.


6 thoughts on “Eggs, Poop, and Porches

  1. Our chickens LOVE laying on our front porch too! So much so that I put up a wooden nest box there so they’d quit rolling off of the cedar chest they laid their eggs on. It was very convenient! However, they would rather stay on the porch, poop, and sleep there too so we had to shut the rascals back up in their run. After a few years we got tired of the mess, lol! On spring days when we’d leave the front door open for fresh air there were a few times one or two would venture in the house for a better cubby to lay in before we’d get them chased back out.

  2. Hey Sarah, Glad to hear all is well. I sure do understand that feeling about homesteading. When I go to the store I’m telling my self we have that right at home in our own yard. I buy very little. And soon we’ll be not buying any beef. Stormy is growing like a weed. Reba was in the fair this week. She made 2nd in her class. So good on that. Ok back to the subject. I too make our bread. I trying hamburger rolls not good on those yet. We eat a lot out of our garden and have our chickens for eggs and meat too. So on a very small scale we live off our land too. Goat for milk and cheese still a dream here. Great feeling huh!!!!!! Not having to eat what is in the store full of who knows??????? Well washer just stop. Need to go hang it to dry. Have a Wonderful Day!!!!!!

  3. Sarah,
    Sounds like an idyllic life to me. Poop on the front porch is why I keep my chickens in the backyard. There’s just something visitors shouldn’t be greeted with. Now my back porch is another story. Funny even though my hens are free range (in the back 1/4 acre) they lay their eggs in their boxes still. I would have a hard time with a daily Easter egg hunt.

  4. I just gotta say… that is one beautiful bunny there at the end of the post. Yes, I am partial, but that’s okay too. Thanks for the day-brightener.

  5. Sounds much like a conversation in our house too. Discussing the sheep we need butchered, how many eggs our hens laid today and if the goats have been fed or not. Other conversations revolve around the garden produce, what wild and whacky ferment is processing as we speak and of course the randomness our kids have got up to today. It makes life so much more fun and interesting to have these conversations in my opinion. 😀

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