Ferment Your Little Bootycakes Off

My kombucha scoby has made its way home. For those of you who do not have creepy ferments laying about on your countertops, a kombucha scoby is a “Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast” that turns tea into a deliciously bubbly probiotic drink. My scoby was –quite literally– the very last thing to be moved out of the house because Trevor found its appearance too creepy. So creepy that he was afraid to put it in the car for the long ride home from our old digs in Sonora. The poor little thing sat on the kitchen counter of the old house for over a week all by itself.

I’m sure it was lonely.


Now that is is home, I have to do a little overdue maintenance. My kombucha scoby kind of grew to nearly two inches thick. Mind you… most scoby’s are only 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. This puppy definitely needs to be trimmed down to a manageable size. This requires a simple separation of the “mother” layer from the “baby” scoby layers. I will keep the bottom “mother” layer and either throw the rest to the chickens or give it away to become new kombucha scoby’s.


10 thoughts on “Ferment Your Little Bootycakes Off

  1. That looks like my scoby from last summer when I started having back issues and mine had to sit for a while until I could reach it Lol. When I went to separate them it was no easy task for me, there were no real layers so I ended up having to cut it apart, so good luck. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy for having mine too. How about make a backup hotel with some of the extras if you don’t already have one. She looks very happy now! Lol

  2. My scoby is still much much smaller than this but looks like an oyster crossed with snot. Not nice but the resulting drink, when second fermented with orange juice appeals greatly to my 2 older kids (4 and 5) and my husband will drink it straight or after second ferment. I’ve just bought a 10L crock with tap to make booching much easier. We LOVE boocha! 😀

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