10 thoughts on “What are you doing today?

  1. That is one of my favorite books. If you’re using that book for goat names, you need to go for “Toothgnasher” or “Toothgrinder!” Thanks for giving me a happy feeling. A good book and tea make a day better.

  2. I love my morning coffee. Its my favorite part of my day, 2nd to crawling into bed at night 🙂 …. peace and quiet, kids off to school…glorious. I absolutely love picking out names!! I have acquired a list for my 4 Lamanchas that I will be getting in May. I have a serious thing for “Old Lady” names for my farm friends. My French Angoras are Oliver and Oscar (getting a doe this spring) cant wait!! My chicks have yet to be named due to being “unsexed”! But my Grown Ladies are and have included names like Charlotte, Opal, Spice Cake, Avery, Snickers, Marilyn, Elaine, Jezabel… I suppose having a theme is important. I’ve heard that Nubians are the loud and “whiney”… This did, however, come from a mans opinion… Men never understand what women want anyways… I bet his girls were just craving attention 🙂 Good luck with the names!! I cant wait to vote!

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