Same Direction, Different Digs

I have come to the point where I realize I need to update my website and blog to fit our new homestead and farm. There is nothing more than a house, a garage, and a sad little shed on this lot now, but soon I hope to boast a large garden and some new creatures.

In the meantime, I feel the need to address the fact that we are no longer on “less than a quarter-acre”. When someone new first visits this website, the first thing they see is a headline that reads, “Our adventure in gardening, angora rabbits, chickens, bees, and quail on less than a quarter-acre”. I always liked that in one simple sentence a person could grasp the basic concept of my blog’s purpose. But now, I feel as if the old headline couldn’t possibly portray all of the crazy things we have achieved here.

Moving to a new house and home and farm has forced me to reevaluate what my initial message should be. I want to give visitors our story of starting from scratch, beginning our journey on a small scrap of land, our passion for dirt, and our inability to surrender… all in one neat little sentence at the top of the page. I just need to figure out how to say it.

Last year many of you nominated us for Mother Earth News’ Homesteaders of the Year. M.E.News didn’t send us copies of your nominations, but a few of you readers did (which was very generous by the way). I was really surprised to see some of the things you said about us. All good things of course. A few of you really blew me away with your view of this humble farm-in-the-making. I mean– I did kind of start this Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm nonsense while lounging on the couch one evening thinking up logos for a “someday farm”.

I am curious to know how you would describe us to someone completely unknowing in just one sentence. Care to give it a whirl? Perhaps I will even steal your words and paste them to the top of the page.


18 thoughts on “Same Direction, Different Digs

  1. Join our new adventure in gardening, livestock (enter in whatever animals), bee keeping on our new (how ever big) (mirco)farm…….

    I’ll keep thinking

  2. Micro farm is growing, gRoWiNg, GONE!!! Now on to something bigger… Follow us in our adventure for self sustainability as we push forward with raising (livestock), playing in the dirt, healthy cooking, spinning and child rearing… You’re sure to learn something along the way!!

  3. I don’t have a line for ya… but I did like the fact you had less than a quarter acre, b/c it was very inspiring… I hope you save the old blogs to show people HOW MUCH CAN be accomplished on a small lot!
    And much luck with the new one and go HOG WILD!! 🙂

  4. I don’t have a catchy tag line for you….. I do however want to tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this new property. I recently started reading your blog and watching your videos after seeing you in Grit magazine. I will be staring a small urban rabbitry (German angoras and an undecided meat breed) soon. Rabbits are really the only thing I have room for right now. I hope by the end of the year to be in your shoes. I hope you have time to give us lots of updates!

  5. “Our adventure in gardening, angora rabbits, chickens, bees, and quail on less than a quarter-acre”
    could be changed to
    “The Adventure Continues…..from gardening, angora rabbits, chickens, bees, and quail on only 1/4 acre to limitless potential on (fill in the acreage)”

  6. I understand about wanting to convey all of your effort and growing and learning, and wanting to keep that micro-farm cred, but you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. So rather than trying to sum up your modest roots, your growth, and your current situation in one sentence, maybe the headline could just celebrate where you are now. You’ve earned your new status. Your full bio can tell the rest.

  7. From a micro scrap of land to a full 4 acres. Our journey through preserverance in gardening, angora rabbits, chickens, bees, and quail!

    Starting on a micro scrap of land to a full 4acres. Follow us through our journey of our love for dirt, gardening, angora rabbits, chickens, bees, and quail!

    Our voyage starting on a scrap of land to 4 acres through hard work & preserverance with gardening, angora rabbits, chickens, bees, and quail!

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