Chickens Restore Faith In Farming and Cake Making


Do you ever wonder what newspaper headlines would look like if our world revolved around agriculture? I’m sure this particular headline would make its appearance every year around February or March.

Our seven laying hens decided to start laying their first eggs two days before we moved. Great timing ladies! I really can’t complain. You don’t realize how much you have come to rely on fresh eggs until the egg drought of winter. Sure, I could add a light and have the hens lay year-round, but these are only seven month old hens and I like the idea of having my hens go through a natural molt for a month or so. I cry a little bit when I go to make muffins or something and have no eggs, but I trudge through.

Since we have three new breeds this year, I’m not sure who is laying which. Of our four Speckled Sussex, two Black Australorps, and one Black Sexlink, I have found a couple different shades of brown. One is very light, almost white, and the other is much darker brown than my previous chicken breeds laid. Ah, the interesting life of chicken keeping.

8 thoughts on “Chickens Restore Faith In Farming and Cake Making

  1. We are not set up for chickens yet, but we get eggs from my mother-in-law. We feel sad that we have to buy store bought eggs for a few months during the winter. They are just not the same!

  2. My Hens cut back, but we still had eggs all winter. It was about half the usual. I too believe that they shouldn’t be tricked into laying when Mother Nature wants them to rest. Glad your girls are laying now that spring is in the air!

  3. That’s great on your eggs. I finally got a new batch myself. Hoping to start spring with a head start. I got the chicken coop cleaned out and all the old shaving on the garden. Next is planning the garden plot. Bought new seeds, This weekend I plan to finish building up the garden. I have to add the old tea bag grinds, egg shell crumble, and dry dog food. Then after a week my hubby till’s the garden and planting being’s. And pray that we don’t get any more cold front’s. Florida having 38 degree weather in March. I believe Mr. Sun is on vacation still. LOL.. Have a wonderful day. Mare

  4. I’ve finally caught up with your blog (been reading it for the past two weeks!). Congratulations on your new home!!! Such an exciting time! I’m still working on my sourdough starter and can’t wait to see how baking with it turns out.

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