Let’s Be Pen Pals


This past winter holiday season I hosted a little postcard exchange and absolutely loved it. I know a few –hopefully all– of you enjoyed sending postcards back and forth as well. There is just something wonderfully comforting about receiving these small scraps of paper in the mail. Maybe it is knowing that there is something fun to look forward to in the post rather than just bills and advertisements.

In the picture above are the postcards I have been sent in the last year. In that grand pile are over 70 postcards from around the world. I’m not even sure I have a favorite. Each postcard has something magical to cherish… a snowy scene from far away, a vintage print from another country, greetings in languages unknown, and even the collectible stamps on the back. I have even had people send me photos of their animals and vintage trucks!

With our “internet situation” at the new house being little to none, I am going to value written word from across the world much more. Dial up internet will suffice for checking email and updating the blog, but it is nothing fancy. I think the WiFi in town (15 miles away) will be my best friend when it comes time to upload those YouTube videos. 😉

Internet issues aside, there are some fantastic images and notes to be had, so let’s be pen pals and share them. Send me a postcard and I will send one back! Just be sure to scribble your mailing address on there somewhere so I know where to send our correspondence.

Let’s meet at the mailbox:
Sarah Cuthill
PO Box 133
Mountain Ranch, California, 95246

8 thoughts on “Let’s Be Pen Pals

  1. I would love having pen pals again, but I write horrendously with my left hand being predispositioned righty prior to my stroke. I’ll pass but I would if I could.

  2. Sara, We live out in nowhereville too, & have Hughesnet satellite internet which is a bit pricey, but speedy and not slow like dial up. The only problem I have with them is the limit of 20GB a month, but we have gotten used to it in the 16 months we’ve been using it. You might want to check out to see if it’s available in your area..

  3. Sarah, you do have fast internet in mtn ranch. There are tons of signs in town. If you don’t see them, send me an email and i will give you my guy, Hstar, he lives in Sheep Ranch. He can at least put you in touch with your local guy

    • It’s not that there ISNT any fast internet, it is just much more expensive than we are paying now for the same thing and we need to pair down on luxury expenses while we get used to this mortgage payment. I’ll ask you for your contact when we are ready to upgrade.

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