When It Rains…

…it pours. It’s not actually raining, but metaphorically it may be. Speaking of which though, should you know any rain dances, please send some heavy clouds towards California. We kind of need it.

Today it seemed as if the people around us were offering puzzle pieces to adventures ahead. One of which is this awesome children’s saddle that one of Trevor’s day-job customers gave him today.



Now, I don’t know anything about saddles, but the man told Trevor that this one would be great to use for a donkey or large pony. It looks to me like it is in fairly good shape, but other than that, I’ve got nothin’. I guess we will be learning all about saddles and how to set them up soon enough.

Come on guys, how cool is that?! Then on his way home, Trevor stopped by the local feed store for some saddle soap to clean up the new saddle and the feed store owner offered Trevor a box of random saddle knick-knacks. There were two bits, a spur, some long pieces of scrap leather, and even a bridle inside.

Then, FedEx delivered my mega-super-metal-heavy-duty solar electric fence charger in one piece. It’s always a nice surprise to see an undamaged box, I might add. I also spent a whole $8 (free shipping baby!) on an awesome aluminum stamped sign for the new house. The house has a main door in a weird spot so we will be using the other door instead. Good stuff.


We also got news that we will be closing on Wednesday. Finally! So I will be whisking you all away on a video tour next week and will be taking lots of “before” pictures before we get started building up our dream farm.

To top it all off, GRIT magazine featured an article I wrote on raising meat animals in today’s email newsletter. It is called, “A City Girl Raising Meat”.


There were some other little things, but all in all, it felt a little like Christmas around here today. Breakfast for dinner and truffles for dessert completed the evening.

9 thoughts on “When It Rains…

  1. Looks like Camellia has a saddle for her ‘pony’. What fun! Things are going well for you three, with lots more to come.

    Love, Grammy


  2. I can help you with the saddle. I don’t think you are missing anything..look for a stamp,name or number on it. it will tell you more about it, its the maker, what n umber in the serries it was and all that good stuff. if its wide, yes a donkey saddle. Narrow horse. Who gave it to your husband? how old were they and where did it come from, that will tell you volumes. I know TONS about saddles…good useless info!

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