Rabbits For Sale…


Remember, I am no longer keeping a waiting list/ email list. So if you are waiting for a rabbit from my Rabbitry, the two newest litters go up for sale tomorrow morning.

CLICK HERE to see the rabbits currently for sale and a copy of our sales policy.

I hate having to get tough on my rabbit sales, but I’ve been used as rabbit boarding house lately and I don’t like it. Nothing in my sales policy has changed so don’t worry about that. I love my readers, I love my customers, and I have made some really great friendships through rabbits and I would like to continue to. Please enjoy the photos of the rabbits and I hope to hear from some of you rabbit shoppers tomorrow, bright and early!

A Little About Rabbit Sales:
• If you have any questions about how the deposits/reservations work, please ask! I am always happy to help and I am home all day to answer questions.

• My sales policy listed on the same page as the rabbits for sale.

• All rabbits are reserved and sold on a first come, first served basis. No exceptions.

• At 6-weeks old I start accepting deposits on specific rabbits. This helps to ensure that you get the rabbit you want and it helps me rest easier that you are more likely to come pick up said rabbit. Yes, there are people who pay a deposit and never pick up the rabbit…

• Once the rabbit is 8-weeks old, you have 14 days to pick him or her up from my Rabbitry. I have the pick up window of dates next to the new rabbits. After that 14 days is over, you have forfeited your deposit on the animal unless other arrangements have been made. I get it, life gets in the way sometimes. But I will no longer hold onto a rabbit for months on end on a hope and a prayer that one day, someone will show up for him or her.

• I accept deposits in the form of cash, PayPal, or money order. If you have any questions or need any help with that, please to not hesitate to ask. If you rather use a debit or credit card, I can email you an invoice via PayPal and you can pay using a card without even needing a PayPal account.

5 thoughts on “Rabbits For Sale…

    • I have and angora wool does felt well. Needle felting takes a tiny bit longer than thick sheep wool, but I think that is because angora is such a light and thin fiber. Angora also wet felts very nicely.

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