It Just Got Farmier

You coin new words too, don’t ya? “Farmier” is derived from American slang adjective, “farmy”. It’s real. Accept it so we can move on.

I have all kinds of fun good news to share this evening! First off, I have to deeply and truly thank a kind reader, Jesse, for sending me a bunch of the seeds from my Baker Creek Heirloom seed wishlist. Wow! I was not expecting a fun little package in the mail yesterday, but there it was. You certainly didn’t have to send me seeds and I am incredibly thankful. You have given me a swift kick in the butt to get a garden started ASAP. I am super excited about the Chinese Red Noodle beans and the purple artichokes. They are just so pretty! I will have to name an artichoke patch after you.

Seeds, baby!

While at the Market today, I talked to a local lady who was interested in selling me a couple of goats in a couple months. Bam! When you send out positive energy, you receive positive energy in return. We initially met through three separate, yet simultaneous, avenues. My neighbor connected us through a love of rabbits, a fellow Market/food co-op member introduced us through a love of rabbits, and she is also a leader of the local chapter of the Weston Price Foundation (focusing on traditional foods). So when we finally met in person, we knew all about each other. Kind of funny how small towns work like that.

She has a 4-year old pregnant doe due at the end of the month and then she would also like to sell me a doeling to make my “goat starter pack” complete. We agreed on a very reasonable price and she said she would let me know when the goats are ready. The dam (that’s super technical lingo for goat-mama) is an experienced milker and good producer. She is mostly Nubian, but has a splash of Toggenburg in her from about 4 generations back. That makes her about 1/16th Toggenburg and 15/16th Nubian. I’d say that is a pretty nice combo. I have yet to see a picture of her, but I’m sure I can coax some paparazzi shots out of the woman selling her. Now I have a doe in milk and a cute baby goatie to look forward to!

Last, but certainly not least, I am mega famous with my article that has been published in GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Rabbits (Vol. 3)! Okay, okay, I am not mega famous, but it is pretty awesome. I am so proud to be a published author now! This is in one of the books of GRIT’s Self-Sufficient Resource series, not the magazine. In this same book, I am also featured in the front giving advice on how to keep rabbits cool in the summer. You should be able to find GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Rabbits (Vol. 3) on GRIT’s website as well as in stores soon. I’m sure places like Tractor Supply will carry it.

When you buy your copy, look for my “expert” advice on page 5 and my super fancy, full, two-page spread, complete with byline on page 74. It makes me look so professional.






6 thoughts on “It Just Got Farmier

  1. Holy Moly! (Not what I wanted to say!) I was reading this, and was floored when I realized…er – you told me…that you’re also in the mag that’s already sitting on my table! Congrats! I guess it’s fate that keeps putting your wonderful information in front of me! 🙂

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