It Feels Like Spring

Yes, I realize that most of the eastern half of the United States is knee-deep in snow. But here in California, we are experiencing mild weather and the worst drought in 150 years. Drought in February… it’s weird. I can only remember it raining briefly for a total of three days since September or October. Usually around this time of year, we are also knee-deep in snow.

It can be considered “unnatural” to be thinking of what to plant in a spring garden during a winter with no rain fall, but I’m going to dream anyhow. Don’t you get spring fever too around this time? Forget chocolates and flowers, honey, buy me seed packets. Ah, scratch that– I will always accept chocolate happily. Especially truffles! But it must be a quality chocolate. No Hershey’s or Snickers bars around here folks.

This year I will be ordering my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I have tried a couple other companies, but I now prefer Baker Creek because I have observed a better germination rate. Plus, Baker Creek is proud to offer non-GMO, open pollinated, and heirloom seeds, all of which are very important to us. I never noticed it before, but now their website has a wishlist feature. So I can compile a handy list of all the seeds I want to order and then save up to purchase them (read: spend hours online ogling and drooling over dozens of varieties of cucumbers and peppers).

Here is what I have picked out for our spring permaculture hügelkultur attempt, but if you would like to see my wishlist on the Baker Creek website (so you can start your own wishlist), you can find it here: FMicroFarm Seed Wishlist


7 thoughts on “It Feels Like Spring

  1. Sarah,
    Good info. I may give them a try. I have been using Annie’s but still open to see what “new” things I can grow. I keep a 3×3 sfg space for new trials each year. You never know what will be my new favorite vege will be.

  2. Fennel will bring the bees and butterflies. Borage…the bees love borage. You only have to plant it one time. After that you’ll be thinning them every year, but that’s okay, because if the bees love it, so do I. 🙂

  3. I LOVE Baker Creek. Have you been to their annual Heirloom Exposition yet? I highly recommend it. If you hunt around for awhile you can even find Jere and chat him up. He is OBSESSED with seeds. And while you’re there you can hit up their Seed Bank in Petaluma. I visit at least twice a year, and I’m 6 hours away! It’s that good.

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