Crazy Midnight Talk

Hey, you know what’s crazy? Being awake at midnight thinking/worrying/fretting/calculating/pondering/thinking/worrying about a house. Ugh. I haven’t updated you on our housing status because, frankly, I don’t want to jinx anything. Yep. I am that superstitious. I am so superstitious that I haven’t packed a single box or made a single change in address. We even call it “the house”, instead of ours, just incase. We have been sitting in house purgatory for two whole months now, not knowing if this is a definite deal. So many things have happened and people have made so many promises that I think I will be waiting until those shiny keys are in my hands before I do any cheering, rejoicing, or skipping down the street. The wait is cruel, really. Lenders are so afraid of being sued that they won’t even tell you if it is going well or not. Insanity! Hopefully we will have some real news in the next couple weeks. *knock on wood*

In any case, that’s where my head is at most of the day. That is, until I go out to the Rabbitry and play with the babies or until Hänsel slips his new collar and I chase him around the yard for an hour like a madman. Yes, that happened. Twice. Tomorrow (well, today technically) is the Mountain People’s Farmers Market so I should be happily distracted most of the day. Perhaps a mango smoothie on the way home will help me get even further.

Have a great weekend folks and send some good vibes this way!

12 thoughts on “Crazy Midnight Talk

  1. Worrying and fretting does nothing good to you. Let it go. If it’s going to happen it will or won’t. If it doesn’t happen there is something better waiting for you to find. The first property we bid on fell through, but then we found our peace of heaven that was all we could hope for and more. It was a year later and we were better financially able. There are benefits of working towards a dream. The journey is the joy.

  2. Good vibes, happy thoughts, many prayers are being sent your way from here, if you choose to accept them. I’m very excited for you!

  3. I went through the same process last spring! It was torture. But it does make the moment you have the keys in your hand all the sweeter (I just sobbed hysterically and all of the real estate agents gave me hugs). Good luck!

  4. Best of luck with “the house”. I know exactly what you’re going through. It took four and a half months for my husband and I to finally close on our home last year. Lots of good wishes and prayers for you and your family!

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