Name That Rabbit! :: seventh edition

My next keeper! This little girl is my very first Red color thanks to the development of my orange-carrying lines. She is even showing signs of having quality wool. Her coat is thick and even at only 1/4″ long, I can already see nice crimping.

Genetically speaking, there is not much difference between a “Red” and an “Orange” except for the amount of rufus modifiers present. Red has more rufus modifiers, Orange has a moderate amount, and Fawn has even fewer. This doe is very, very red, but she is also what is known as having a “smutty” coat. Which means that the spots that should be a clean white (around the nose, eyes, ear lacing, under the tail and belly), has a slight grey color. The grey is only at the tips and may even have been caused by our cold temperatures as her coat color was developing, but all the same, she isn’t a clean colored Red.

The reason I have decided to keep her for my breeding program is that if I were to breed her to Bunaby Jones, my “clean” Orange, I have a good chance of getting not only cleaner Orange, but clean colored Red. Muwahahahahaa! With enough luck and selective breeding, I can produce clean colored Reds and Oranges. Somehow Oranges and Reds have become my focus in French Angoras.

So without further ado– let’s name this beautiful redhead. Come up with your best fiery redhead name and add it to the poll or vote for your favorites!

We will have until February 9th to come up with a great name. I will also be adding any votes made via Facebook and email, so please do not vote for the same name twice. Do, however, vote for as many names as you want and/or make up your own.



Vote Here!

39 thoughts on “Name That Rabbit! :: seventh edition

  1. I’m voting for Sedona!

    But here are some names I like

    Annie or Ragedy Ann
    Ginger **

  2. Arrggghhh! Of course! How could I possibly have forgotten red headed bombshell movie star Ginger Grant from Gilligan’s Island?
    GINGER will get my vote.
    Allie, thanks for that save!

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