10 thoughts on “How To Tattoo a Rabbit :: video

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you so much. This was very informative and helpful. Unfortunately I have had to order the 5/16 set so I will be marking my animals later in the week than expected. So sad 😦 On the up side both my husband and my daughter will get a chance to watch this video more than once so they know what to expect. I’m so glad you showed this as a one person process without binding the bunny up in the towel. An injury can happen so quickly. I will keep you up to date on how everything goes. You are a true gem and a real encouragement for those of us taking on bunny raising as a leap of faith. You have no idea how much you inspire us greenhorns!
    Lotte in PA
    By the way, my drum carder arrived today. I’ll be playing with it over the weekend.
    We have another litter due this week, probably on Wed. if all goes right. I will set up a playpen with the nest box for my doe as a temporary cage till she gives birth so the animals don’t freeze in this sub zero cold wave. We lost 3 that way in this does first litter, by leaving her out in the garage. I’ll put her in on Sunday.
    This will be the 3rd litter from the same buck. The first two litters by different does was 8 and 9, so I’m expecting this to be a larger litter once again.
    Have fun at the Farmers Market!

    • Oh well… At least you were able to find what you need. I had to order my clamp through the local feed store and then order extra digit sets online. It was quite the mashup.

      I tried binding rabbits in a towel so many times and it never seemed to work for me. The rabbit does its little hop and that’s it. I am just sure to keep it from flying overboard or jumping to high and wild. So far I’ve had no problems.

      Good idea on keeping your doe and nest box somewhere warmer. Kit popsicles probably aren’t what you’re looking for on new litters.

      Thanks Lotte! Hey, I’m a greenhorn too. 😉 A greenhorn that tries a lot of things and then takes videos of it. Good luck on your rabbit tattoos!

  2. Thanks for this video. I love that you mentioned that the tool can be used for goats, as well! I assume it will also work on sheep and alpacas. Now, how do I identify the chickens, ducks, cats, dogs and children (just kidding about the children)?

    • Thanks for watching! I’m sure the same clamp would work on any animal with ears of that approximate size: goats, rabbits, sheep, alpaca, llama, mini cow (?). I have seen poultry leg tags before. They look a lot like anklets. I can’t help you with the children, but since I am horrible remembering names, I am also a firm believer in name tags. 😉

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