You Are Awesome Katja!

It’s days like this that make me feel loved. Katja, a blog reader and one of my greatest cheerleaders, sent me what can only be described at the ultimate Scandinavian care package. She very, very, very generously gifted me a full set of kransekage pans (see? I used the Danish spelling, Katja) and three Scandinavian cookbooks. I was down at the market this morning when the box arrived so Trevor was the lucky box-opener. He was so excited to see the cookbooks that he immediately opened one up, found a recipe, dug through the cabinets to find ingredients, and baked a hearty loaf of “Norwegian Rye Bread”. All before I arrived back at the house.

So this is what I came home to:



We sliced into this puppy over dinner and smothered it in honey mustard, hot ham, and grilled onions. Delish!

Now that I have a fabulous kransekage set, I can make rings that are a lot less flat, hopefully resulting in a fabulous looking kransekage tower. I brought home some almond flour from the market so that I can make another, more respectful, attempt at making this dessert. My first try tasted good, but looked more like hole-y pancakes than puffy rings. If all goes well, I have a request from the almost four-year old for a rainbow birthday cake… I think a rainbow kransekage would be fun. We’ll see how this next trial run goes first.

Katja, you are awesome! Your kransekage pans and Scandinavian cookbooks will live a great second life here on the farm.

10 thoughts on “You Are Awesome Katja!

  1. I say that coming home to a husband like yours beats the pans and the cookbooks by miles! Trevor, you ROCK!!!
    (Sarah, you totally rock too, but your husband is in the spotlight today with that awesome surprise loaf of loveliness!)

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