Rabbit Litters Coat Color Update

The rabbit kits are finally old enough, and have enough fur, to determine their official coat colors! This may not be exciting enough for the masses, but with both litters, I have a total of 16 kits in 12 different colors! Now that, is exciting stuff. Or at least it is in my world.

And now that I have finally gotten some half way decent colors out of Philly, I am considering replacing her with one of her offspring. (Don’t listen Philly!) At the very least, I would like to hold back the Self Black from her if it happens to be a doe. The thing with Philly is that now I know that she will produce tortoiseshells– colors I have been trying to eliminate. I want to focus on “Self”, or solid, colors and my Orange Fawns.

To be honest, she doesn’t produce the best wool in the world even though she produces offspring with lovely wool. I am hoping to sell her in the coming months as a “brood” rabbit; a breeder rabbit. We’ll see. In the meantime, she is raising some mighty fine rabbits and is keeping them plump and happy.

If we happen to move into a house in the next couple months (*knock on wood*), I have enough cages right now to support holding back two rabbits from these litters, as well as bring in my “imported” Self Lilac doe, and even have two hutches to spare for growing out rabbit kits. Now my addiction sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it Trevor?! If (*knock on more wood*) this all works out, I would keep back Philly’s Self Black and Khalessi’s Chocolate Agouti. That Chocolate Agouti is so tempting! Maybe one day I can have one of each color…. (Don’t listen Trevor!)

CURRENTLY RAISING: Philadelphia (Ruby-eyed White, doe) x Basil (Lilac Tortoiseshell, buck)
Litter Colors: Self Black 1, Self Chocolate 2, Orange Fawn 1, Black Tortoiseshell 1, Blue Tortoiseshell 1, Lilac Tortoiseshell 1.
Birth Date: January 2, 2014
For Sale: February 27, 2014


CURRENTLY RAISING: Khaleesi (Chestnut Agouti, doe) x Toblerone (Self Chocolate, buck)
Litter Colors: Chestnut Agouti 2, Chocolate Agouti 2, Opal Agouti 1, Self Blue 1, Self Lilac 2, Ruby-eyed White 1.
Birth Date: January 2, 2014
For Sale: February 27, 2014


8 thoughts on “Rabbit Litters Coat Color Update

  1. I have a question for you, since you have been feeding your rabbits fodder for some time. What do you do when the kits transition from nursing to solid foods? Do you let them go straight on what their mother is eating or do you change what you give her? The reason I ask is we lost two kits at the transition time and everyone is saying it was because of the fodder being too rich for them or that because barley is a grain it is bad for them anyway or something even though it is a grass when it is fed. But none of the other kits had a problem with eating it, so that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’m trying to figure out if the fodder caused the kits to get sick or if it was something else. There are no other sick animals here, just the two who died.

    • Ignore those people. If they haven’t fed fodder before, then they are just making assumptions.

      The only thing I do differently is feed the mother and kits rolled oats in addition to their sprouted barley fodder and boss. But really, I start feeding oats as soon as the doe gives birth because it helps her increase her milk production. My kits have access to fodder, oats, and boss from the moment they can leave the nest box on their own. I add a bit more fodder once they begin eating it as well.

      I have not ever had a kit die since I started feeding barley fodder. But I do remember awhile back, I had a kit die because he got stopped up from having trouble digesting pellets after weaning.

      This may just be a case of poor digestion. Some kits simply do not make it past the weaning stage because they are weak to begin with. The idea of fodder being “too rich” is frankly ridiculous. Pellets are unnaturally dry and overly processed.

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