Exciting Rabbit Colors :: video

A few of these colors I am very excited about and am looking forward to see how they develop. Others, like the tortoiseshells, I am not terribly enthusiastic about, but I’m sure someone out there will find them interesting. Out of all the colors in the two litters, I am hoping to hold back a Self Black, a Self Lilac, and maybe even a Chocolate Agouti. Of course, this is all going to depend on how many are female. Keep your fingers crossed and hold your breath for me!

I am also very excited about taking a picture of all the colors I have this time around. I want to take a new photo like the one below that I took of Dandelion’s litter last year. I want a whole rainbow if I can capture it!


In the meantime, enjoy this video showing off colors from my new litters…

2 thoughts on “Exciting Rabbit Colors :: video

  1. I absolutely love your blog and everything you are doing. I grew up raising show and meat/egg chickens in many fancy varieties and so seeing how other small animal farms work is really fascinating to me. You have a great voice and explain things really well and as someone who has no experience in your area those are really helpful. Keep posting! I can’t wait to see how these litters turn out!

  2. The link from the e-mail didn’t go anywhere so I found you on You Tube direct. The new kits are Beautiful! Looks like Basil did a fine job :-). He is QUITE enthusiastic to try out his skills with Buffy but all she wants to do is flirt. I keep telling him his day will come, he’s just going to have to be patient. Looking forward to watching them grow.

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