Happy 2014!

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit! Let’s all have a happy, prosperous, and successful year.

No New Year’s rabbits this morning, but I was being a little hopeful considering that both Philly and Khaleesi aren’t due until tomorrow. They still have the rest of the day to deliver some lucky rabbits I suppose. Both rabbit does have built their nests and have pulled wool to line them with. Pulling wool and fur is always a good sign of babies on the way. No wool, no babies. But that isn’t the case this time. My two little ladies are showing signs of a happy new year indeed.


Also on the rabbit front, I hope to be bringing home my newest rabbit doe in the next couple weeks. There is currently a tie in votes for her name, so if you haven’t voted, do so quickly. Voting will end when she arrives. It will be so nice to have more than two does again. Losing Blackberry a few months ago was a big hit to my breeding program considering that I was already one rabbit short of my doe capacity. I easily have room for four does and two bucks. But, after bringing home this new Self Lilac doe and finding a suitable doe kit to hold back from one of these litters, I should be back up to where I need to be.


Our new year is getting off to a great start. This morning I cut my new batch of goats milk, honey, and olive oil soap into bars and set them out to dry. Then I drove downtown to milk goats and brought home some fresh milk for making cheese. Now, the three of us are gearing up to play a new board game, Qwirkle, while listening to Pandora radio. The family has requested hashbrowns and eggs for lunch and it sounds like the water for my tea is almost done heating up on the woodstove.

Ah… family, goats, rabbits, fresh milk, homemade soap, hashbrowns, and tea certainly make for a wonderful 2014.

Everyone here at the Frühlingskabine wishes you and yours a Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. Happy New Year from Sonoma County and the two sweetest rabbits we have ever had the pleasure to share space with. Basil just gets handsomer and handsomer. We’ve given up trying to decide how many colors he carries… the tortoiseshell seems like it changes constantly. Buffy is her sweet, self-composed self, and her quirky ear is just one more charming thing about her. They are good friends (through the fencing) and are totally spoiled. Thank you so much for these wonderful bunnies!

    • I don’t have that much goat milk from the two Nigerian Dwarfs I’ve been milking, not to mention cheese. 😦 I think a lot of local goat people are low on goat milk right now because they are bred.

      As for the soap, I am making a plumeria batch Wednesday and it should be cured and ready for sale at the end of the month. I will most certainly reserve a couple bars for you. Just an FYI, this will be 100% organic olive oil soap with goats milk (since it requires so little).

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