New Year On The Way

In about four hours is the beginning of the new year. I usually take New Years Eve to reflect on what I have accomplished and my goals for the new year, but I don’t really feel like doing that. Anyone else with me? I’ve never been one for “resolutions”, because let’s face it– no one holds to those silly diets, and this year is no different. I also won’t bore you by rehashing the whole of 2013. If you’ve been following along, you already know about the fun things we have done and the losses we have faced. Instead of going through old blog posts tonight, let’s move forward and onward!

Tonight I am going to make some proclamations. Some will become truths by this time next year and some may not meet that timeline, but I am going to move through the year with the spirit that each one will manifest. Sometimes you just need faith and perseverance to get what you want.

Two-Thousand Fourteen will be full of:
• love
• family
• good company; friends new and old
• goats
• cheese
• our farmhouse with land
• a lovely garden
• new experiences and skills
• more happy rabbits
• art
• good food
• success with my crazy endeavors

What is on your list? Feel free to be as vague or specific as you’d like.

2 thoughts on “New Year On The Way

  1. Survive, enjoy the life God has given me, accept “failures” as learning experiences of what not to do, and unmet goals for 2014 as future goals.

    Happy New Year Sarah!

  2. my top ten:
    Being only positive
    riding my horse more
    putting in a veggie garden
    fixing my chicken coop
    working for as many or more people
    Making my landscape business more visible
    getting my new truck ready to haul
    getting a new horse trailer (ok guys gotta hire me so I can afford it)
    pruning more orchards
    teaching people about animals
    getting homestead 101 going, right Sarah!

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