Gone to Market

Ah, the holidays are over! Well, there’s New Years, but I just can’t see myself devoting a whole day of celebration to changing out my wall calendar. Besides, I can’t stay up past 10:00pm while on this goat milking schedule. My eyes literally will not stay open.

This week I am devoting myself to a new goal: have a big box of farmy stuff to sell at the local indoor farmer’s market. The local food co-op has grown tremendously this year and has gone from a handful of people in a rented clubhouse room to over 300 members in an converted Armory airplane hanger. It’s crazy. I normally shy away from selling markets like this just because I don’t think my things will sell, but I’ve decided to open the smallest size booth possible and try this out. If I can at least break even, I will be happy with simply getting our farm name ‘out there.’


And what a name it is! For the record, Frühlingskabine is pronounced: FRUU-LINGS-CABIN. It is the funniest thing in the world to see a group of people trying their best to sound out your farm name while you are hanging up a giant sign for your market booth…
“Frooh? No. Frou? No. Fuu? Oh, that crazy ‘ u’ with the dots!”
I can’t help but smile and giggle a little to myself.

I grew up in a family that spoke just enough German to pass around whipped cream or order beer (or name a house), so I am not completely immune to those “crazy u’s with the dots” myself.

The owner/operator/coordinator of the market let me know that I will be right next to the booth dedicated to the demonstration garden and the gentleman running it will be answering questions. What a great booth to be next to! My items should go along nicely. Especially since I will have a banner and information for New World Wool in my booth. I have made up a small list of things I am going to sell at the market. My booth is only 8×8 feet, which sounds large until you put furniture in it, so I will be stacking upwards. After seeing my space with my sign up high and two bookshelves in it, I realized that I could make it a much cuter and functional space with three walls. I picked up two picket fences for the side walls and then I will attach them to an 4′ tall by 8′ long plywood piece for a back wall. That should mark my space and give me some spots to hang things.


Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm market booth

  • Photo Prints —farm, animals, garden (custom orders available)
  • Original Paintings
  • Small Gifts —bread sacks, card sets, market bags
  • Mushroom Log
  • Wool —raw, felted, and hand spun yarn (free felting demos)
  • German Gingerbread
  • Seeds
  • Seedlings (in the spring)
  • Homestead Planners
  • Hand-drawn Farm Coloring Books
  • I open Saturday, January 4th! If you are in or around Columbia, California this month, come by and see me! I’ll sneak ya a gingerbread cookie. Other market booths have locally grown produce, local honey, organic treats, handmade candies, cloth diapers, community garden info, and more.

    Mountain People Organics
    Farmers Market
    10800 Airport Road, Columbia, California 95310
    (209) 770-3088
    Wednesdays & Saturdays 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

    Check out their Facebook page for more information.

    2 thoughts on “Gone to Market

    1. Good for you!
      The sign looks real nice.
      Fruu lings kabiene 🙂 I can imagine the tongue twisters haha!
      Hope you have a nice time and a lot of buyers or interested people.

      Good luck!x!

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