A White December

Oh. My. Goodness. We had such mild winters the last two years that I forgot what a snow storm was like. It was literally blue skies on Friday and then Saturday morning we awoke to over a foot of snow and no power. Our elevation is about 2,800 feet so this is fairly normal for us in the winter. I knew for a few days that it was supposed to snow, but every once in awhile, I forget what that means.

Snow, snow, snow. I don’t mind snow so much as I loathe ice. And inevitably, snow brings ice. Snowy days usually mean that I have to haul a bucket of hot water from the tub out to the Rabbitry and chicken coop to thaw the animal water. Thankfully, I have gotten a bit smarter in my old age and have thought of emptying out the chicken water just before nightfall. The chickens are already in for the night and that way it is just a matter of filling it up instead of thawing a block of frozen metal and water, thus saving me 20 minutes in the mornings. I still have to haul out hot water, but it does make it better. Even with the heat lamp on inside the rabbit shed, I still have frozen water bottles in the morning. But, I can’t very well empty their waters at dusk. Rabbits are much more finicky than chickens. I had to dig out the rabbit shed for the first time ever, by the way.

Last year I had some really crappy snow boots. They were perfectly waterproof and all that, but they hurt my arches and heals so badly! I even tried two different sizes, but it made no difference. I should have known better than to buy shoes of any sort at WalMart. Eww. Needless to say, I threw them right in the trash. I couldn’t see even donating them they were so horrible.

So now that we are already experiencing snow, I need some snow boot/all weather boot recommendations. It would be particularly helpful if you like a particular brand that stands up to mud, snow, “manure”, and rain. We have quite a bit of that third element around here. 😉

On to the snow pictures!








16 thoughts on “A White December

  1. Yuck!!
    But so pretty and fun to play in 🙂

    My girlfriend has bogs boots, to walk her dogs in winter or when very muddy.
    She likes them a lot.
    I know some people who have muck boots.
    Some have the light duty ones. http://www.muckbootcompany.com/
    One friend does sheepherding with her border collies, she has the model for hunters I think, that keeps her warm when it freezes hard.
    I had the short riding booties, but the sole wasn’t good for mud.
    Very warm and comfy though.

    Have you tried putting this stuff around the water bottles??


  2. Brrrrr! Better you than me. We had 70ish temps here in south GA. Last time we had snow was 1988 and two inches shut the town down. I’d hate to see snow like we had in MI or NE here. The town would be asking of FEMA to come in.

  3. Some times ya gotta just bite the bullet and buy the Muck Boots brand ones. Although, my pappy got me a pair from the sportsman’s guide catalog for Christ maps last year. They are awesome with stretchy neoprene uppers and rubber bottoms. I can tuck jeans into the tops and not get blisters from wearing them on bare legs from my shorts. And they keep you warm in winter, unlike most rubber boots. I’ve had mine for a year and they look new, apart from the dirt/stuff. That was the cheapest I saw them.

  4. I am seriously jealous! We’ve had unusually frosty nights & mornings here in Sonoma County & I will admit to pretending it was snow (yes pathetic I know ;).

  5. Last fall I bought a pair of LL Bean duck boots; it was a serious investment for me, but I live in Seattle, so rain boots are a must 6 months of the year and I was sick of having crappy boots with no traction or soles that fell apart. These boots, though, these have done so great, and they’re probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I didn’t get the shearling lined pair, because I wear them a lot in spring/early summer when it’s still wet, but they run kind of big so I can easily put on two pairs of wool socks and still feel comfy. LL Bean also has a lifetime guarantee on everything they make, which is comforting.

  6. Living in Salt Lake City, Utah, we get quite a bit of snow each year also. A few years ago I bought a pair of LL Bean Wellies and have loved them. They are a bit cold, so I bought the Wellie Warmers, but you could just sew some warmers together with fleece. They are currently about $40 http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/54850?feat=wellies-SR0&page=women-s-bean-s-wellies and I’ve worn mine nearly every day for the past 3 years. This year they started to crack at the ankles, so I told LL Bean and they offered to replace them for me. I decided to just get a patch kit and not worry about the hassel of returning and waiting for new ones to come. I also have a set of the shearling lined winter boots, that were much more expensive, but they are my favorite snow boots.

    Also, with the chicken’s water. This year I swapped out my chicken waterer for a food grade plastic bucket, which I drilled holes into the bottom and screwed in the water nipples. Then I wrapped a 3 ft temperature controlled heat tape around it, and with our 6-20 degree nights it keeps it warm enough that we haven’t had to do any maintenance other than refilling the water. If you want to do something like this, it was fairly cheap and if you have questions feel free to email me. I love the winter, but hate the extra work involved with keeping the water from freezing.

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