A New Community, New World Wool


Hey guys! I finally pulled together enough content to open up New World Wool. As you may have read before, I have been working on a new website for people to band together and network to bring back our world’s wool culture. Will this website save the world? Eh… probably not. But what it will do is help wool artisans, wool breeders, wool farmers, wool ranchers, and wool lovers create international connections to promote not only their businesses and art, but also the businesses and art of others.

I should clarify that this wool cooperative is not only for people looking to sell something. Members can help each other transport animals across their various countries for the sake of expanding breeding lines or even starting breeding lines in new locations. Members can ask the community for advice. Members can locate and interact with other people raising the same wool producing species or breed. Members can sell their scarves and fleeces. And just about anyone can find an animal or breeder or wool ranch in their region.

Too many times have I searched the internet for a wool cooperative that includes more than one species or breed and have found myself disappointed. Sure, there are tons of co-ops out there! But they cater to: only German angora rabbits, or only sheep, or only alpacas, or only angora goats in North America. And why? Because that particular breed or animal is their favorite? Well, if you ask me, those groups are not focused on the production or promotion of wool itself. That, my friends, is what I am looking for. I want to stimulate and nurture our wool and fiber culture.

New World Wool is meant to reach out into the world and link people together for the benefit of everyone involved.

If this idea interests you, I would like to encourage you to stop by my new website. I won’t pressure you to join of course, but just take a look around. Many suppliers, mills, and retailers have been contacted and asked to participate and I hope to hear back from them soon. Considering the emails I have received about it already, I foresee this community growing exponentially in the coming months. If you do stop by, I’d like to remind you that I did just open this website up today. So if listings look sparse, it is because New World Wool is brand spankin’ new and the newest members have yet to submit any listings they may have.

Thank you all so much for the encouragement and support!


New World Wool website

8 thoughts on “A New Community, New World Wool

  1. Such an awesome idea. Are you promoting it on Ravelry? Ravelry bugs me so much I haven’t logged in in about 3 years, but I seem to remember a fringe group of spinners over there who I’m sure would be interested in this community.

  2. great new website but where are the sheep??? I am looking for lambs wool or wool you don’t use as I have a client who is teaching spinning. I will forward your email to cathy, she lives in Modesto!

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