December Thoughts and Tribulations


The tree is up, the gifts are nearly wrapped (that’s a nice way of saying that I haven’t gotten that far), and I have even made a fresh batch of kombucha to help me get through this month. Normally, I am a big fan of the charms of the holiday season and even more so of the special foods that it brings, but this year I feel like I am at a bit of a stalemate with December. I had no idea how much paperwork and prying was involved with purchasing a house. Consider me educated! With a nearly four-year old in the house, we are trying extra hard to keep the house and moving business out of everyday conversation so that she can focus on what is most important: family, cookies, glitter, and Santa.

Despite my drowning need to get our whole house and yard and animals andcoopsandcagesandfencingandcannedfoodsandandandand packed up by mid-January, I still have to keep this little, tiny farm running. That means harvesting the last of the scraggly veggies from the garden, breeding rabbits in time to be born and weaned before the big move, daily feeding chores, weekly cleaning chores, and it even means that I still have to shovel chicken poop.

There won’t be too many DIY projects between now and “the big move”, but I can guarantee you, there will be more than enough to quench your DIY thirst in the new year! Here is what I have on tap for 2014:

Our 2014 Build List
• buy/find/wish for the ever elusive “goat fence”
• build an inexpensive and deer-sturdy garden fence
• build and plant hügelkultur garden (to conserve our well water)
• plant a hügelkultur fruit orchard
• put together some sort of plan for a grey water system
• build a mega-sized fodder system
• build a new cob oven
• build a goat milking stanchion
• put a back door onto the new dairy shed

What are your plans or goals for 2014?

10 thoughts on “December Thoughts and Tribulations

  1. Ahh kombucha. I just started a continuous brew tonight and got my first batch ready for a second ferment with added fruit. I really haven’t set any goals for this coming year other then get the house back in order since I’ve been laided up from a back surgery and plan my garden and flower beds. Oh and I guess get a rabbit barn built and get my rabbits. But that’s it nothing special. If you have a list and get the things you don’t use packed and out of the way first helps a ton. Good luck on your move!

  2. Oooo, exciting! Looking forward to reading your post on the hügelkultur garden and fruit orchard, the grey water system and the cob oven. We are hoping to move in the new year too and would love to incorporate all those ideas at some point.

  3. I had absolutely no idea what you were talking about in your post (hügelkultur), so I did some research. Very cool!! I showed what I had found to my husband, Gregory, and he told me that the tree my parents cut out of their yard a year or two ago is still sitting in the vacant lot next to them. YAY!!!! I think we may be giving this a try!

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