Lost Pet Whisperer

Let me tell you a tale. The tale of a Lost Pet Whisperer, Sarah, and her adventure in finding a plethora of lost and abandoned pets. Today’s story begins a few months after finding the lost Rex rabbit doe in her neighbor’s yard and is set on a cool autumn afternoon just before sundown. Sarah had been hearing strange noises coming from the neighbor’s yard earlier that day that sounded almost like whistling.

Why the bleep is the neighbor blowing such a creepy whistle in the middle of the afternoon? Ugh. Sarah thought. She headed back into the house to do whatever chores still needed to be done. A few minutes later, she spotted her neighbor from across the field making his way over to an oak tree bordering an empty rental house’s fence.

His wife yelled, “Hey, Sarah! There’s a cockatiel in a tree out here!”
“A cockatiel? Like a pet bird?!”
“Yeah! It’s out here in the tree and Dave is trying to coax it down to land on his finger.”

After a confused moment, Sarah came down the stairs and ventured over to the oak tree for a little looksee. “I have some dried pineapple in the Rabbitry, do you think it would be interested in that?”
“Yeah! Go grab some!” hollered Dave.

Sarah popped open the rabbit treat jar and grabbed a couple slivers of pineapple, which in turn, drove all the rabbits mad in anticipation for some sweet treat. She ran over and plopped the pieces of pineapple into Dave’s hand. The two stood below the oak, looking up, hoping that the bird would come down. That night was supposed to boast the first hard freeze and perhaps even a dusting of snow. Surely no pet bird could live through such a night. Both Sarah and Dave started whistling a few different tunes praying that perhaps one would be just the words the little cockatiel was waiting for.

All of the sudden the small grey bird decided that it was time to come down and swooped down in quite the display of feathers and wind. SSSSWWOOOOOOOSSSHHH! VVVRRROOOOOOOOSSSHHH! The bird whirled around the tree trunk, Dave’s head, Sarah’s head, and back around the short oak tree twice before finally landing……. on Sarah’s head. Did the cockatiel want to land on either of the two people’s outstretched fingers? No. It chose to land on Sarah’s crochet hat. With a slow and steady hand, Sarah reached up above her and gently grabbed the dainty bird before it could take off again.

And that, my friends, is how I caught a little cockatiel today. If I’m not wrong, this could be a female? I am guessing because it does not have the tell-tale pink cheeks. His/her name is “Tondue”, named by Cami after a ballet step she is learning in her dance class. Cute huh?! This little green cage has served us so well in the last year. First a lost rabbit cage, then a quail quaruntine, and now a cockatiel cage (with a good scrubbing and a few sticks).



8 thoughts on “Lost Pet Whisperer

  1. I love that I recognize so much in this post! Good luck to your new friend. I have a FB friend who breeds cockatiels, if you need any info.

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