45 Days

45 days until we move to the NEW Frühlingskabine! I know… that is almost no time at all, but it was one of the conditions of the sale so we are going to do our best to bundle this place up within a month. Let me just announce now (so I don’t have to whine later) that I absolutely detest moving. Then again, we are moving into our forever home, so I can’t complain. Now all I have to do is pack and draw a new garden plan! Well, that’s not all, but that’s all I feel like thinking about right now.

The New Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm

Traditional stick-built house, 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, hugemoungous kitchen, deck, 2 car detached garage, insulated small shed, well and septic systems, 4.5 flat and useable acres adjacent to BLM land, and only 4 houses in the neighborhood. Dream house, here we come!






28 thoughts on “45 Days

  1. Ooh you guys found a place!
    That went fast!
    Happy for you!

    Yuck, moving and packing and unpacking, it has to be done..

    Is there much work in the new house?
    Or is it just moving and filling up cupboards?


    • It did happen fast! I thought it would be well into spring before we found something. Really… this house found us. Long story, but I’ll go into it more later.

      Luckily, no construction is needed. Phew! Just need a new oven and some fresh paint in the bedrooms. No biggie. That’s like a weekend project.

    • I think we will keep the name. My uncle named the house we rent now (it is family owned which is how I get away with so much here), but he passed away in 2011 right when we started working towards these goals. I’d like to think I am honoring his memory by naming our farm after him and I’d like to keep that going at our new place.

      It may be a little confusing at first though, because my family has always called this house “the Frühlingskabine” and to have another will be new. When I told my parents the good house news last night, they said they were going to charge me royalties on the name. 😉 Joking of course…. I think.

      But in any case, we will keep the name. We will have a whole chain of Frühlingskabine houses going! This rental will be the Tuolumne county “branch” and ours will be the Calaveras county branch.

  2. Congratulations Sarah! I am so happy for you and yours! The house and property look great and I can’t wait to see what you do with it! WOOT WOOT!!!!

  3. Congrats!!!! Your Farm will be growing faster then you know!!! May you have great blessing here and a new adventure everyday you wake up to do your chores!

  4. Congratulations! The adrenalin will get you there and the dream will keep you going. Soon 4.5 acres will seem like nothing, leaving you wanting for more.

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