Name That Rabbit! :: sixth edition


Alrighty folks, it’s time for another round of Name That Rabbit! The game where you, the readers, get to name a rabbit at the Frühlingskabine Rabbitry and I am your host…. Saaaaraah! Or at least that’s how it would be announced if I were an irritating 70’s game show host with a bad comb-over. Can you believe this is the sixth rabbit I have let you guys vote on the name for? I do cheat a little and give you names to vote on, but last time someone proposed a name that wasn’t on the list and it ended up winning! You just never know with things like this.

So for anyone new to the game, what we do is I have a rabbit that needs a name. We pick a theme to choose names from; in previous games we have used the themes: sci if characters, 70’s t.v. detectives, plant/flower names, things that are white. Then, I choose six names and you all vote on your favorite. If you think you have a better name than what I’ve come up with, by all means, vote for that and if it is popular enough it could even win! The winning name is then officially given to the rabbit on their super fancy pedigree and is further immortalized by their future offspring. The end.

Let’s play!


This time the theme is: sci-fi/fantasy t.v. shows
We are naming: a Self Lilac doe/female (from unrelated Wisconsin lines… Yay!)
Please submit your vote in the comments section of this post. Remember, if you have a better name, suggest it in the comments section and if enough people vote for yours, I will put it on the board. May the best name win!

The top 7 names are:

1. Starbuck

–(Kara Thrace) from Battlestar Galactica

2. Wednesday

–from The Addams Family

3. Sookie

–from True Blood

4. River Song

–from Doctor Who

5. Scully

–(Dana Scully) from X-Files

6. Morgana

–from Merlin

7. Indigo

–from reader, Joanie!

Current score: Starbuck (0), Wednesday (4), Sookie (4), River Song (3), Scully (0), Morgana (8), Indigo (9)

23 thoughts on “Name That Rabbit! :: sixth edition

  1. Well here I was thinking Frohlich you know Christmas is soon oh du frohlich ok ok I never played. She’s is just so cute. 🙂 no nano nano or schazbot from mork and mindy okay I guess that’s boys name. Sookie 😉 such a pretty little bunny.

  2. Sookie!
    I know the name from ‘the Gilmore girls’.

    Myrtle is in my head as well, but don’t know if that’s in a tv show at all.

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