Morning Tidbits

I just have to show you this first. I took this picture yesterday morning just to prove to some of you that we really do have a deer problem around here.


Yup. That’s my driveway. And you know what’s worse? It is completely normal. Well, maybe not just one deer, that’s weird. Usually there are at least 4-6 at a time just sauntering through. These deer are afraid of nothing! Have thrown rocks at them, Hänsel barks, I yell, I clap and wave my arms like a mad woman… nothin’. They just stand there looking at me as if I were crazy. I guess I am, but that’s a whole other conversation. Thank goodness we have a 10 foot fence around the whole garden!

For those of you that think the 10 foot tall garden fence is “overkill”, now you see that we really do have hungry deer here. If you live somewhere with no deer, you are the luckiest person on earth! Our deer eat “deer resistant” plants and even forage in the compost. If they don’t eat it, they rip it out of the ground and spit it out right next to the hole.

Deer are evil.

Anyway– I just wanted to share a funny little thing with you and then got all carried away with my deep hatred of deer. Earlier, Trevor was showing me a picture of some goats that one of his day-job customers have. Just three years ago I would have never been able to figure out what breed they were without the assistance of Google, but in that moment I was able to him that they were Boer goats and they were commonly used for meat. All matter of fact. Like I’m some super fancy goat expert or something. Ha! I crack myself up sometimes with all they weird knowledge I have rattling around in my brain. It got me thinking about everything I have learned in these past three years. Now it seems almost normal that I can spout off something as odd as a breed of goat and it’s purpose. Trevor didn’t even blink an eye. He totally believed me!

Maybe it’s not a big deal. I don’t know. But as a city kid, born and raised, I find it odd that I am in so deep on the other side. I love that I can have philosophical conversations about chicken breeds and breaking broody behavior. I see a rainy day now and think of it as an opportunity to spin up my box o’ wool. These days I find myself scouting for good land or looking at grocery store items as ingredients for some creepy drink culture. I used to spend my free time wandering the San Francisco Bay Area streets with friends, sipping on Starbucks and talking about new movies. What a strange turn my life took. For the better I believe, but strange still.

32 thoughts on “Morning Tidbits

  1. What a good boy Hänsel is!
    I have a few running around that would have gladly chased the evil deer away 🙂
    They may be the size of your average cat but they sure are real dogs my, anckle biters 😀
    Especially my Poppy, she would’ve scared the deer away with her (sorry Pops) so ugly voice!!

    What about a Hänsel update?? Or have I overlooked that one?

    Greetings from Belgium,

      • Yeah…I never thought I’d have small dogs, but what’d you know, they are fun too!
        My first and real dog is a labrador/border collie cross, she still is the love of my life(my partner doesn’t read this).
        My brother’s dog lives with us as well, a westie cross.
        Then came (double)chihuahua Baloe, he just erhm happened 🙂
        My second real dog is a mini aussie, gotta love those americans!!
        Then came Diego another (normal sized)chihuahua.
        I rescued Macy, the powderpuff, from a bad home.
        And last, yes really the last one, is Poppy, the chinese crested.
        I told you earlier I’m somewhat crazy right..

  2. Yeah..I’m cutting back..:-)

    I’m starting an extra job as a dog groomer, at home.
    That way having 7 dogs sounds more normal..

    Chinese crested dogs are those naked ones with fluffy hair on head, paws and tail.

    How manny bunnies is it right now??

    I have to keep myself from getting more animals.
    I just like them all!
    I want micropigs, rabbits, chickens, quail, those big white milking goats, what else…

      • I guess we’ve just gotten used to it. My mother thought I was being extreme when she overheard me telling our daughter, Cami, that she can’t play outside after dark because the mountain lions come out. I thought it was actually a pretty reasonable statement.

        I wasn’t trying to scare her, but she was a little frightened. I think it is a healthy fear. I mean, mountain lions are BIG cats… with teeth… and claws… and they often carry away people’s goats in our neighborhood. A little girl wouldn’t be a challenge. And actually, the are around during the day too, but I don’t want to ruin daytime play for Cami as well. She isn’t allowed outside by herself anyhow.

  3. Freak even more!!
    Cami’s a smart kid.
    So cool that she’s able to learn so young.
    Mountain lions indeed are huge cat’s and really beautiful too!
    But I think I would need dry pants when I saw one on my porch 🙂
    I hope they are afraid of adults?

  4. Your lucky to only have 4 to 6 at a time, my back yard goes into a field and there’s a herd of about 150/200 deer that come from the river and in that field to the back yards of my neighbors and I. I even had a deer bed in my backyard about 25ft from my garden and, without a fence, they left it alone for the most part after nibbling on my jalapeño plants and I put down a line of grated Irish spring soap and kept my dogs scent around the garden. And I’m a tad crazy by having 4 dogs, 2 Boston terriers, a German shorthaired pointer and an olde English bulldogge/English pointer mix. Its a house full lol

  5. Ladies…idea!!
    Capture deer, milk deer, make deer cheese!
    They are kinda like big goats right.

    Jessica, you must have a freezer filled with deer fillets 🙂
    A bull pointer mix, what’s that like?

    Why not put an electric wire around the veggie garden.
    They use it here for keeping horses in their meadow.
    It’s cheap and works on a battery.
    And safe for dog and kiddie 🙂

    • I think solar powered electric fencing is becoming more common now too!

      Deer fillet: One of our neighbors actually shot a deer (illegally) in his yard with a bow and arrow, then butchered it in his garage. Genius. I would totally do that if 1.) I had a garage to hide it, 2.) if I knew how to butcher a deer, and 3.) if I had any decent aim at all.

      Deer cheese: I wonder what that would taste like….

      • With bow and arrow?!?
        You really live in the wildernis haha!

        One deer takes up a lot of space in a freezer though.
        I don’t like the taste of wild meat, too strong.
        But I love goats cheese.
        There’s a deer farm not far from my parents’ house.
        Will look it up..

        Why is it illegal to shoot dear if they are a pest??

    • I’d rather not try milk a deer, they get pretty mean and their hoofs can slice you good if needed Lol. Yes we have a freezer of venison but its from my home town area and not here since I’m new to the area and I don’t know anyone whos land I can hunt on. (My house is on the edge of town so no shooting in the backyard.

      Dixie is a different one. She’s the taller older bulldogge breed (not the short smushy faced bulldogs) and with the pointer in her she has a strong sniffer, long tail and is not gun shy at all, unlike our German shorthaired pointer Lola. Were debating getting dixie into a hunting training program for birds. And Lola I’ve started her on antler hunting so she can still have a “job” since she’s so gun shy ( I rescued her from an abusive home). Lola can pick a sugar beet that I’ve held and marked with an x out of a field of hundreds so she has a great nose.

      • I grew up eating venison and love it. My mouth is watering just talking about it lol. The venison from my home town area has a less gamie taste since they have more access to grains and corn. It all depends on the area and their food supply just like any other type of meat. Also marinating it in vinegar for 30 mins + will help “remove” the gamie flavor so maybe try that to see if it helps. Venison is soo yummy lol

      • I know the old bulldog breed, I prefer most old/original breeds.
        I don’t like what they do to some breeds..flat faces, short legs, you name it.
        Yet again I have a chinese crested, that’s not real natural either LOL.
        That’s really cool of Lola and her nose!
        They’ll have so much fun with the training.

  6. Haha!
    I don’t call myself weird anymore, but special 😀

    My David found a good one…”vegetarian is an old indian word for bad hunter”


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