Ideas Needed

Do you ever have those days where you think, “Two more seconds around this mess and I’m tossing everything I own into a dumpster somewhere far away.”….? That’s how I feel about our laundry room right now. It is an odd-ball room in the first place. It is not large enough for a bedroom, yet too small to utilize for sewing or storage while still expecting to do respectable laundry chores in there. Somehow, it has become our catch-all. You have one of those right? Where projects go to die? That is this room.

I have been thinking of getting started on holiday gifts this week (read: severely procrastinating). Now, don’t hang me just because I mention holiday gifts before Thanksgiving has officially come and gone. We don’t do any lights, or decorations, or tree until December 1st. That said, for the past few years I have taken on my grandmother’s tradition of making a “Christmas bear” for each young child in our family. I should say that I have a really, really, really big family. Luckily a few kids have outgrown stuffed animals so I am off the hook for three of the kids, but I still have seven to make. Seven teddy bears! Oh man. Needless to say, I need to get started early.

So luckily seven teddy bears will clean out that monster of a room a bit. While rummaging through piles of craft junk, I also found some real nice chocolate-colored leather scraps. Awhile back, my friend had me make moccasins for her and she let me keep the scraps. Most of it is small, but there are a few pieces big enough to do something with. I just can’t figure out what… If you have any ideas, let me know.

I couldn’t find my ruler in my odd-ball room so I put the Expo marker there for size reference. :/

Anyone else make/craft things as gifts for the holidays? Share and give the rest of us some ideas!

10 thoughts on “Ideas Needed

  1. ALWAYS! Handmade gifts show you thought about them enough to make something. Now about the leather…are they big enough to makes soles to the teddy bears? Or cut them into strips and braid them into one of a kind bracelets, or piece meal them quilt fashion in change purses or a clutch handbag.

  2. Little leather noses is common for bears I think, as well as paw pads. For bigger pieces, my mom knits slippers and sews leather soles on with blanket stitch to vastly extend their lifespan and usefulness. I’ve had my pair for a decade now, and have only had to mend a bit around the toe. Lots of free patterns online, but you could also sew slipper booties out of felted/shrunk sweaters or blankets. If it is thin, perhaps fancy shaped hole punches could be used to make little leather shapes to sew on things as decoration. Also strips with fringed ends make instant classic bookmarks. Hmm.. maybe I should see what I can find myself.

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