Oh Yeah Baby!

My second batch turned out soooo much better than my first. This time I switched it up a teeny bit and used 80% organic olive oil and 20% lard (for more of a lather), organic milk, with 4 tablespoons of Frühlingskabine honey. My new and improved soap is a consistent creamy texture, smells nice, and even made some suds when I washed my hands from cutting it into bars. Success! Now I just have to learn patience and wait 4-6 weeks for it to cure and harden before using it. Erg…




I used a 6% super fat in my recipe just to be on the safe side. This recipe uses 56 ounces of fats/oils. I used this lye calculator to figure out how much lye to use.

11 thoughts on “Oh Yeah Baby!

  1. I want to mention two things…. 1st – if you add some coconut oil, like maybe 1 cup, your soap will lather beautifully. 2nd – After a few days, touch your soap to the end of your tongue. if it “bites”, then there is still free lye. If it just tastes like soap, it is ready to use.

      • For soap making, use the least expensive coconut oil you can fine. Here in Indiana, I can buy “Luanna coconut oil” at our grocery store. It is with the other cooking oils. For eating, though, I buy the virgin coconut oil, although the other is healthy as well. Good luck!

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