Evening Thoughts

I am sitting at the table this evening thinking about all of the wonderful things we are doing this weekend. Today was spent chopping firewood and attempting a second batch of cold process soap. I took your advice and didn’t start mixing the lye and oils until they cooled to 110*F this time. Then I waited until I reached light trace to add in my honey. We’ll see in a day or so how that turned out. My first batch of honey soap is curing well and quickly being in the living room with our dry woodstove. Wood choppin’ was also successful, but a whole less fun.

I received my very first card from our holiday postcard swap today! Thank you Lotte! I love it! I mailed out postcards today to all of you who have joined the swap so far, so keep an eye out. I have already sent out over 20 postcards!!! Wow guys and gals, you are constantly surprising me. If you would like to join in on the holiday cheer, look at this post for the details. I am sending postcards to anyone and everyone who wants to participate just for fun. We will keep this going until the end of the year, so keep ’em coming folks.


The three of us also ventured out into town to peruse the bookstore and found a book with a billion bread recipes. Score! There are so many recipes that two are for soft pretzels. I’m a sucker for cookbooks with soft pretzel recipes. Just flipping through it made me so hungry for bread that we had to have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I would have much rather snacked on the caramel rolls I saw somewhere in the middle of the book, but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it will be a sort of doomsday for the laying hens. Tomorrow the hens are getting the axe. Literally. The little pullets (Speckled Sussex, Australorps, and Black Sexlink) have just about outgrown their doghouse-coop and the older hens have just about stopped laying for the year. Two signs that the time has come for the new to take the place of the old. No one looks forward to butchering day, but we humans do look forward to have six fine roasters grace our freezer for the upcoming winter. These will be the very first chickens we have ever butchered so wish us luck! I can’t eat chicken skin so we are planning to just skin them instead of plucking them. Hopefully that saves a little time and effort on our part.

With our fire going this evening, all the animals fed, and a prosperous day of meat and soap tomorrow, I think we have a fine weekend goin’. What are you up to this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Evening Thoughts

  1. AH it was my first butcher day on Saturday, I put up six roosters in the freezer, I guess I do double duty I pluck mine and then skin them, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, swinging the axe on the first one was the worst, after that I kind of got into a routine
    Good luck!

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