Holiday Pen Pals


I have been sending and receiving postcards from around the world through a fabulous free website, Postcrossing, for nearly three years now and I love it! It’s a really great way to get happy mail. You know what I mean right?! You can walk to the mailbox and anticipate a jolly little postcard from someone you would have never otherwise conversed with instead of one of those dreaded bills. Happy mail.

This holiday season, I would love to send some postcards out to you blog readers. You can receive some Frühlingskabine happy mail in the form of a hand-stamped postcard and a little written note. That’s the best part… I love reading handwritten notes. I actually got fancy and hand-carved my own postcard stamp so what you will be receiving is one of a kind. 🙂

If you would like to participate, please email me ( your mailing address and I will email you mine. We will send one another a friendly postcard, store bought or handmade, and give each other a little holiday cheer this season. This is open to all countries!

Also let me know if you would like to swap postcards with one or two other blog readers when you send me your mailing address. Don’t forget that US post offices sell special (and cheaper) postcard stamps! If you do participate, I promise not to send you any mail other than the one postcard and I will not sell or otherwise share your address. I hope you will promise the same. Let’s do this thing!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Pen Pals

  1. Hi Sarah I never got my happy card:( I sent you one with chickies on it from Prescott, AZ Did you receive mine? I’m going to check out Postcrossing. I had alot of fun picking out your card and would like to continue the fun Teya

    • Oh no! 😦 I just posted a tidbit about missing postcards, but I already know what happened. Your postcard was probably in the last stack to go out. Our local post office is pretty incompetent and loses mail all the time… or delivers it to the wrong street.

      I will send you a fresh one tomorrow!

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