Old School Soap… Hopefully

Yesterday we ran out of regular bar soap in the house. So what does a crazy wannabe-homesteader do when she runs out of soap? She makes some. From scratch. I’m talkin’ old school fat and lye sop here, not that easy melt-and-pour stuff.

While I was out picking up cold-process soap making supplies, I also grabbed some store bought bar soap. Because guys– it’s going to be like three weeks before I can use this homemade stuff and I would like to wash my hands between now and then. In order to start on my “old school soap” journey, I had to buy a $20 immersion/stick blender, a bottle of 100% lye (sodium hydroxide labeled for use as drain cleaner at Tractor Supply), a crazy amount of olive oil, and some parchment paper. Luckily I had some scrap wood from a previous building project so I could easily make my own loaf-size soap mold for free. Thank goodness I am a scrap wood hoarder!


I can’t show you my lovely, magical soap or soap mold just yet (because it is hibernating for 24-hours), but I can tell you that it looks and smells incredible. Now let’s just hope that it turns out! My old school soap is 100% organic olive oil with our Frühlingskabine honey mixed in. I don’t know if the color will hold, but when I mixed the honey in, it turned almost a pumpkin color! Amazing! I have never made soap from scratch before so I can’t help but be impressed with the color, the process, and the fact that I didn’t burn myself or screw my hand to the workbench. Baby steps people.

Look forward to pictures and results of my little honey-fied experiment tomorrow! Hold your breath, keep your fingers crossed, and knock on wood for me.

6 thoughts on “Old School Soap… Hopefully

    • (1) Wand/stick blender, Hamilton Beach: $19.99
      (3) 25.25 oz. Olive oil, Organics brand: $5.59 each, on sale
      (1) 2 lb. bottle, Roebic brand, 100% lye/sodium hydroxide, heavy duty crystal drain opener: $13.99
      (1) roll parchment paper: $2.99
      (1) pair latex gloves: had on hand
      (1) pair safety goggles: had on hand
      (1) wooden soap mold box: built out of scrap wood for free, but can be found on BrambleBerry.com or through Etsy.com for $30-60. (Yikes! Build it yourself folks!)

      Total spent: $53.74

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