Homemade Gifts for the Holiday Homestead :: beekeeper collection

Every Friday, I will host a collection of my favorite handmade homestead items from various Etsy shops. This year when shopping for the holidays, shop handmade!

If you are not familiar with the website, Etsy is an online marketplace that features only handmade and vintage items from around the world. It is a great way to support artisans and craftsman and their home businesses and hobbies. “Shops” can be searched by category or even location, so if you rather support artisans from your state, you can! It is a wonderful concept in an age of growing commercialism and mass-production. Let’s support the artists of the world! If you are interested in perusing our own shop, go to: www.LittleFarmShop.Etsy.com

Handmade Gifts for the
Holiday Homestead

Left: Honey Pot Pottery by darshanpottery; Right: HoneyBee Natural Unpaper Towels – one dozen – Unbleached, Reusable paper towel alternatives by TheClementineBee

Left: Honeybee silkscreened men’s necktie by Cyberoptix; Right: 8 Handmade Jumbo Beeswax Crayons (Waldorf) with Handmade Canvas Case by OldMillCandles

Left: Antique Wicker Beekeepers Hat by CassAndMerlune; Right: Beekeeper Plush Doll by LittleFarmShop

Left: Beekeeper Lady with Hive and Bees Cast Black Beeswax Ornament by MagpieJane; Right: Beekeeping Letterpress Paper doll set & print by WonderboundPress

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