8 thoughts on “La Mancha Love? :: web comic #04

  1. They sound pretty shady, too. I’m sure the La Mancha lovers will take offense but I’ve found them louder and more obnoxious than any other breed of dairy goats. And those non-ears…

  2. Until very recently, we had 2 La Mancha does. They were wonderful. Sweet, calm, rich rich milk. Smaller in body size so more efficient on the feed. Excellent milkers. A few weeks ago (they kidded in March) we were still bringing 2 gallons of milk a day into the kitchen. We had to sell them because of unavoidable life events, but oh, my, do we miss them and their milk!

  3. The first time I saw La Manchas was at a fair a couple years ago. I love the way they look. Kind of one of those “so creepy its cute” things.

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