7 thoughts on “Fodder Feeding Chart for Chickens :: PRINTABLE!

      • no, I mean anywhere. Here is an easy way to make fodder feed:
        Buy recleaned oats or barley
        have 7, 1 gallon pots available to you (the ones that at one time had plants in themm now empty, get them from any garden center
        put straw in the bottom of all of them
        Put a scoop of grain in them (approx 1lb
        put water in them for 24 hourse
        Drain water out 24 hours later (good to keep for plants as the grain leaves some nourishment behind)
        Make wet again,
        Keep in a warm sunny spot (or maybe just warm this time of year)
        rinse daily until sprouted
        add less water, but still enough to cover daily
        will sprout when ready.

        After 1st one is fed, its now ready to try all over again. Worth it as all you have to do is suppliment with scratch and they never know if they get sprouts or scratch!

        works well. give it a try. and simple!!!!!!

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